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Theo IV S2 Review

Review Flashcards for Final Exam

What are the beatitudes? The moral law given to us from Jesus (His Sermon on the Mount), it is a perfection of, a higher standard than the 10 Commandments.
What does it mean to be spiritually rich? If we live a moral life than we are storing up treasure in heaven (spiritually rich) vs. having treasures on earth, and being spiritually poor.
What are the 3 Theological Virtues? Faith, Hope, and Love/Charity
What is faith? The virtue of believing in truths about God and His Church. It is knowledge of things unseen.
What is hope? The virtue of relying on God's mercy and help to forgive our sins and get us to heaven.
What is Charity/Love? The virtue of loving God and others for themselves and no other reason. For example, the reason we love our enemies.
What is spiritual warfare? The battle for human souls between the powers of God (angels, grace, etc.) and the devil (demons, temptation, etc.).
What are the sins against hope? Despair, which doubts God's mercy (not enough hope) and Presumption, which doubts God's fairness (too much hope.
What is the worst sin against faith? Atheism, the intentional (on purpose) rejection of the Creator's existence.
What are some sins against charity? Hate, spiritual laziness, anger at God or His Church
How does a person fight the powers of the devil? Have God in their life ("wear God as your armour"), don't give the devil an opportunity at your soul, be cautious about dark powers, recognize the devil is real.
What is the 4th Commandment? Honor your mother and father.
What do parents represent to their children when they are young? God because they brought them into the world and provide for them, love them, etc.
Why is it important that children obey their parents? Because our relationship with our parents represents our relationship with God. Our parents have authoirty over us given to them by God.
Is it ever ok to disobey your parents? Yes, when their instructions would harm you or someone else.
What are two different styles of parenting? The authoritative parent and the push-over.
Why are push-over and authoritative parents bad disciplining styles? Because they each do not provide the child with what they need. Push-over = no discipline or good rules, no respect. The authoritative parent = doesn't allow their children to grow into their own person or learn from their mistakes, too harsh.
What is the HHS Mandate controversy about? The government is trying to force people to pay for a product that goes against their religious beliefs. It violates their right to the free practice of religion.
What is the definition of murder? The unjust taking of innocent human life.
What is the 5th Commandment? Thou shall not kill, which means respect life.
When does life begin? At conception, when sperm meets egg.
Why is abortion immoral? It takes the life of an innocent human being who has not been given the chance to develop or even defend itself. It is not right under any circumstance.
What is in-vitro fertilization (IVF)? When sperm and egg are taken from mom and dad and then put together in a science lab, then the embryo is put back into the mom to grow.
Why is IVF immoral? Because doctors create more embryos than they need and discard the rest or use them for science research.
What is embryonic stem cell research? Doctors use embryos that were created through IVF and let them grow 3-8 days before they take out their stem cells and the embyro dies. They use the stem cells to try and cure dieases.
Why is embryonic stem cell research immoral? because scientists are creating and killing human beings just so they can try to help cure other people. The intention is good, but the act is evil.
What is PGD? Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. Doctors create lots of embryos and pick the "best" one according to their standards and discard the rest. This allows parents to "design" their babies.
Why is PGD immoral? Because people are playing God with the creation of their children, and they kill the unwanted embryos.
What is eugenics? It means good genes, it is the study of breeding better people, by picking good genes over unwanted genes.
Why is eugenics immoral? Because it leads to people trying to play God and decide who is worth living and who is not. It has led to things like Hitler's obsession with the perfect race and other terrible sins.
What is euthanasia? Taking the life of someone who is really sick or who has a "poor quality or life"
Why is euthanasia immoral? It violates the 5th commandment, because only God has the right to decide who should live and when someone should die.
Why is suicide immoral? It does not respect the life God has given the person who takes their own life.
Do we need to do embryonic stem cell research? No, 1st because it is wrong morally and 2nd because adult stem cell research works better and doesn't kill anyone.
What is self-defense? Protecting your life or someone else's from an unjust aggressor. It does not violate the 5th commandment because it is respecting life (your life).
What is the just War theory? There are 4 criteria they helps determine if a war can be started morally or not. 1)self-defense, 2)proportionality, 3)last resort 4)probability of success
Why is the death penalty wrong? No one except God has the right or authority to take the life of another person, innocent or guilty, and we do not need to kill them in order to protect society.
What is a non-combatants? People in a combat zone that are innocent and unarmed. It is immoral to target them.
What is Theology of the Body? The study of God through the human body. It explains the importance and significance of human sexuality and its purpose in our lives. It explains how we are to mirror God through our bodies.
What is direct sterilization? When a person intentionally makes it impossible for their body to give life (have children), usually done surgically.
Why is it direct sterilization immoral? It does harm to a body part that is totally healthy (which is the same as mutilation of the body) and rejects God's great gift to create life.
How does cloning work? They take an egg from the female, remove its unique genetic material and put in the DNA material from the person they want to clone, and then they put it back into a women's womb to grow.
Why is cloning wrong? Because it is totally playing God and taking away His authority over life. Humans are meant to be products of love, and not science.
What are the two types of cloning? Reproductive (making human clones) and Therapeutic cloning (making clones to take things from (like organs).
What is a Savior sibling? A child that is created by their parents through IVF in order to save an older sick sibling (kind of like an organ farm for the other kid).
Why is it wrong to create Savior sibling? Each human person is valuable for their own sake and should the product of love not created as a human organ factory. God has a loving purpose for everyone and that is a immoral reason to create a person.
When is it acceptable to remove organs? When the health and life of the whole person is at stake. Or if the person is dead and has given prior consent to the donation of their organs.
When is it acceptable to do organ transplants? When the life of the person is at stake, and both parties have given consent. It has to be more risky to not do the surgery than it is to do the surgery.
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