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CMS 7th SS Ch 19

Chamberlain Middle School 7th Grade SS Chapter 19

Which of the following describes one effect of Marco Polo’s journey to China? Marco Polo was made a government official in China.
Venice was famous for producing glass.
The Mongols helped increase trade between Europe and Asia by making the Silk Road safe to travel again.
One important feature that Venice and Genoa shared was that both were important port cities on the Mediterranean Sea.
Which event occurred first? The Mongol dynasty takes over China and makes the roads safer.
Which of the following best describes Cosimo de´ Medici? a powerful ruler of Florence who valued education and culture
How do prices affect trade? When prices are low, trade increases.
Machiavelli wanted to have an effect on politics.
How are classical and Renaissance statues alike? Both feature realistic and lifelike poses.
What was the most important feature of humanism in northern Europe? Scholars combined humanist and religious ideas.
Women in noble families helped spread Renaissance ideas in all of the following ways except women were educated at the universities.
During the late Renaissance, the practices of the Roman Catholic Church weakened the church’s influence.
The Catholic Church tried to prevent the spread of Protestantism in all of these ways except by allowing Jesuits to use weapons against Protestants.
Why was the Catholic religion strong in Spain? People who were not Catholic were thrown out, converted, or killed.
Which effect of the Reformation has had the greatest influence on American society? A system of government developed in which people could rule themselves.
Renaissance artists used a new technique called ____________________ to create the appearance of depth and distance on a flat surface. perspective
____________________ was a true Renaissance person: besides his expertise as a painter, he was an inventor, a sculptor, an engineer, and an architect. Leonardo da Vinci
While the Italian Renaissance focused on Greek and Roman history, the Northern Renaissance focused on ____________________ history. Christian
The Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation was known as the ____________________ Reformation. Catholic
The decision by the king of Bohemia to impose Catholicism upon his subjects led to the ____________________. Thirty Years’ War
Founded the Jesuit order Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Developed a printing press Johann Gutenberg
French Protestants Huguenots
Referring to ancient Greek and Roman cultures classical
First major Italian poet to write in Italian Dante Alighieri
Dutch priest who emphasized devotion instead of ritual Desiderius Erasmus
Brought Catholicism to parts of India and Japan Saint Francis Xavier
Wrote over 30 plays, including Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare
Executed for translating the Bible into English William Tyndale
Influential reformer who taught the idea of predestination John Calvin
What is federalism? Federalism is the sharing of power between local governments and a strong central government. A sharp rise in federalism was one of the major effects of the Protestant Reformation.
How were the ideas of the Middle Ages different from the ideas of the Renaissance? While both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance had thinkers who were interested in religion, only the Renaissance had thinkers who were interested in other ideas as well.
The Mediterranean Sea allowed the port cities of Genoa and Venice to thrive. True or False True
Machiavelli’s The Prince reflected the humanist tradition of idealism and the celebration of human decency. True or False False
Northern European artists were known for the use of classical Greek and Roman figures as the models for people. True or False False
One of the effects of the Renaissance was a growing distrust of the Catholic Church. True or False True
Martin Luther objected to the Church’s selling of indulgences because he believed that only members of the clergy could escape purgatory. True or False False
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