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Micro Quiz 5/16

What are diptheroids? Non- pathogenic Corynebacterium
Where are diptheroids normal flora? Skin, respiratory tract, vagina, soil, water
What is the characteristic lesion of C. diphtheriae? pseudomembrane- gray leathery web
What diseases does the DPT or DTaP immunize against? A. Dipthera B. Tetnus c.Pertusis
What is the gram stain of Bacillus? Gram pos bacilli with spores
Is Bacillus an aerobic or anaerobic genus? Aerobic
What is the characteristic lesion of anaerobic infections? Necrosis- dead tissue
Which specimens are likely to contain clinically significant anaerobes? a sample aspirated with needle and syringe or pus from a deep wound with a foul odor.
Which specimens are unacceptable for anaerobic culture? A. Swabs from surface wounds B. Coughed up sputum and stomach contents
What is the gram stain of Clostridium? Gram Pos Bacilli with Spores
Are Clostridium aerobic or anaerobic organisms? anaerobic
Where are Clostridium normally found? Soil, dust, water, intestines of humans and animals
What does Cl. tetani cause? Lock jaw/ tetanus neurotoxin causes painful muscle spasms
What are the characteristics of a wound likely to become infected by Cl. tetani? A. Deep puncture B. Spores or dirt in wound C. Dead Tissue
What does Cl. perfringens cause? ganggrene causes swelling and tissue death, the organisms firments muscle sugars, produces gas and tears tissues apart
What does Cl. difficle cause? botchulism
What is the Gram stain of Neisseria? Gram negative diplococci
Where are Neisseria species normal flora? Throat, sputum
What does a direct smear of urethral discharge that is positive for gonorrhea look like? positive smear- intracellular gram negative diplococci
Modified Thayer Martin agar is designed to facilitate the recovery of which organisms? A,gonococcus B. Meningococcus
What does MTM use to select organisms? Antibiotics- to prevent overgrowth by organisms often found in specimens
How should MTM media be inoculated? In a Z
What must Neisseria have in the atmosphere to grow? CO2
Give the name and a description of the disease caused by N. gonorrhoeae? Gonorrhea- STD/STI with purulent discharge most common specimen- cervix in women and urethra in men
How is gonorrheal conjuctivitis in newborns prevented? Crede Method- eyes of newborn are rinsed with 1% silver nitrate
Give the name and a description of the disease caused by N. meningitis? Causes epidemic meningitis-purulent inflammation of the meninges
Created by: lecopple1