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Religon Final Mrs H

Jesus called Peter The rock
Jesus brought who back to life Lazarus
What were Jesus's closest followers Apostles
Peter was put in jail, and set free by who An angel
Who was the first martyr Stephen
Who went to pray with Jesus the night before he was arrested Peter, James and John
Who was the first person Jesus appeared to when he rose from the dead Mary Magdalene
What did the Holy Spirit come as tounges of fire
Who was a businesswoman in Philippi Lydia
When Jesus returned in glory to his father Ascension
The bread of life Jesus
To declare free blame or absolve justify
Joins us to the righteousness of God who justifies us Baptism
Who challenged Catholics to create a culture of life Pope John Paul II
What's the special season that makes a focus on what makes our lives more just Lent
What is the forgiveness of sins and return to goodness Justification
What does it mean to live in accordance with God's will free from guilt or sin Righteousness
What does it mean to turn away from sin and things that keep us away from God Conversion
What moves us to live right and just lives The Holy Spirit
The Eastern and Roman Catholic Church ... have the same seven sacraments, worship in different languages, and have different customs
Catholic customs and experiences are made deeper by diversity
The unity of the Catholic Church come from the unity of... creed, sacraments, and our ordained ministry
The Eastern and Roman Catholic Churches are guided by.. the pope, the bishop of Rome
The celebration of ( ) is one way Eastern and Roman Churches celebrate the same beliefs in different ways Confirmation
What is unity and community among all Christian people ecuneism
Christ wants all his followers to be ( ) one
The split of the the Eastern and West CHurch is called the ( ) Great Schiscm
Helps us love the things of God, make good choices that are pleasing to him. Wisdom
Helps us listen to others and also gives us insight into their problems and our faith Understanding
Helps us see and give advice Right Judgement
Strengthens us to do what's right in difficult situations Courage
Helps us realize truth in our faith and recognize temptations Knowledge
Helps us show respect for God and his creations Reverance
Makes us marbel at God's goodness and majesty Wonder and Awe
The person responsible for assisting your parents in guiding and inspiring you to be a good Christian Sponsor
The Paraclete Holy Spirit
Showing loyalty to Christ by your life, words, and actions Witness
An outward sign given by Christ to give grace Sacrament
When the Spirit came to the Apostles, giving them courgae and faith Pentecost
An act that breaks or weakens our relationship with God Sin
THe orderly ministry of Confirmation Bishop
Blessed oil used by the bishop of annointing Chrism
Because COnfirmation seals you in the Spirit and leaves a permanent mark, it is only received ( ) once
To receive Confirmation you must... Show that you desire to live the Catholic Faith
In Confirmation, the Holy Spirit Strenghtens you to witness the faith and defend it
Christian means... Like Christ, annointed for a mission
We unite ourselves with Jesus' sacrifice and receive him in Holy Communion Eucharist
WE renew our baptismal promises Confirmation
We find forgiveness Reconciliation
A person receives the power to absolve sins, change bread and wine into the body and bread of christ, and lead God's church Holy Orders
We become members of the Church Baptism
Lying under oath Perjury
SHowing contempt or lack of reverance Blasphemy
Identifying certain objects or practices with religous power Superstition
Putting other things or people in God's place Idolatry
The fourfold response children have towards their parents is... Filial Respect
We call MAry, Joseph and Jesus the... Holy Family
Our ( ) enables us to do whats right and wrong Conscience
( ) are responsible for the physical and spiritual needs to the entire family Parents
Four-fold response children have towards their parents are what four things Assistance, Gratitude, Obedience, and Respect
Families are called to be a school of ( ) faith
The right to life, and to develop one's intelligence Fundamental Rights
( ) is the general development of spiritual and physical goods so all may benefit Prosperity
The effects of a personal sin over a period of time that affects society is ( ) Social Sin
( ) means that we stand with the and are related to people that are deprived of their human rights Solidarity
Society organized to promote the ( ) give opportunities to all people to reach their fulfillemtnt more easily and fully Common Good
Enables us to distinguish between right and wrong Our Conscience
Jesu ( ) commandment is to Love one another as i have loved you New
Created by: barneyishot



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