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Chapt .20 and 21

Religion Test w/ Mr.Squadrito

What is the perfect act of worship ? Eucharist
What are some special meals ? Passover, Manna, Miracle of Feeding Great Crowds, and Last Supper.
What is mass ? The dying and rising of Jesus.
What are the two parts of mass ? Liturgy of Word and Eucharist.
The old testament reading, the new testament reading, the gospel, the homily, and the General Intersessions is what part of the mass ? Liturgy of the Word
The preparation of gifts, the communion rite, and Eucharist is apart of what ? Liturgy of the Eucharist
What is the change in which the bread and wine changes to the body and blood of Christ ? Transubstantiation
What is the official book of prayers and direction for Eucharistic worship ? Sacrementary
What are some examples of 'Little deaths' ? Loss of a parent, child, good friend, or job.
What are opportunities for life ? 'Little deaths'
What did Jesus have to do to enter all His glory ? suffer
What is the perfect sacrifice ? Lamb of God
What are 4 gospel accounts of Jesus' final suffering and death ? Passion Narratives
Where did Jesus get strength to suffer ? with prayer.
What are some reasons Jesus died? To make for sins, enter all His glory, and to do his Father's will.
How was Jesus' suffering physical and mental ? betrayal by Judas,denied by Peter, and being scourged.
What are the 3 end possibilities ? Heaven, purgatory, and hell
What is the second coming of Christ called ? Parousia
What is the eternal destiny of the human race ? Last Judgement
Created by: hilena_
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