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1. Adam Luke trace Jesus’ genealogy all the way back to what person?
2. Twelve How old was Jesus when his parents lost him in Jerusalem and he was later found preaching in the temple?
3. Nazareth In Luke’s infancy narrative, where did Joseph and Mary live when the angel first appeared to them?
4. Shepherds In Luke’s infancy narrative, who appears to worship at Jesus’ birth?
5. Gabriel What is the name of the angel that appears to John the Baptist’s parents?
6. Baptism In Luke, when does the Holy Spirit descend on Jesus and the voice from the heavens identify him as “My beloved Son”?
7. Bethlehem In Luke’s infancy narrative, where was Jesus born?
8. John the Baptist Who sends messengers to Jesus to ask him, “are you the one to come, or should we look for another?”
9. Simeon When the infant Jesus is presented in the temple, who identifies Jesus as the “Messiah of the Lord?”
10. Zechariah In Luke, who is the father of John the Baptist?
11. Elizabeth In Luke, who is the mother of John the Baptist?
12. Caesar Augustus In Luke’s infancy narrative, Jesus is described as “Son of God,” ”Lord,” “savior,” and as one who brings “peace.” What other historical figure mentioned in the infancy narrative was also given all of these titles?
13. Nazirite The angelic messenger that appears to the parents of John the Baptist tells them that John “will drink neither wine nor strong drink.” This is the author’s way of telling us that John was what?
14. Galilee In Luke 8, the author mentions a group of women who provided for Jesus and his disciples “out of their resources.” Where were these women from?
15. Mary In Luke’s infancy narrative, to whom does the angelic messenger speak?
16. Simon Peter Who recognizes that Jesus is the Messiah and says to him, “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man?”
17. Physician According to tradition, what is the profession of the author of Luke?
18. 80-90 A.D. When was Luke probably written?
19. Satan In Luke 10, who does Jesus claim he has seen “fall like lightning from the sky?”
20. Messiah of God In Luke when Jesus asks Peter, “Who do you say I am?” Peter’s says that Jesus is who?
21. Speechless Because he does not believe the angel that appears to him, John the Baptist’s father is made what?
22. Theophilus Luke’s Prologue addresses this man, whose name means “Brother of God.”
23. Pray According to Luke, Jesus would go to a deserted place before great crowds assembled to hear him speak or to be cured. What did he do when he went off to these deserted places?
24. Mary, sister of Martha According to Luke 10, who “chose the better part, and it will not be taken from her”?
Created by: jeffand14
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