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Chap. 19 Quiz Review

Chapter 19 Quiz Review

A _________________ was an Irish boat. coracle
A ________________ was a wiseman. witan
A __________________ was a home to monks. monastery
King's peace was ____________ __________________. royal protection
____________ was an island off Scotland. Iona
Saint _______________ was the founder of the Irish Church. Patrick
The _____________________ was a group of nobles and church leaders. witenagemot
A_____________ was a noble chosen by the king. sheriff
Saint Columba was an _____________ monk. Irish
A shire was a ___________________ in England. district
Alfred the Great became one of England's best-loved ___________. rulers
_______________ are woven wall hangings. Tapestries
The center of Irish culture became ______________. Ireland
_______________ was a legendary warrior. Beowulf
In the epic poem Beowulf, the monster's name is __________________. Grindel
Many Irish monks chose to be ________________ and live in seclusion. hermits
Coracles were boats built of cowhides and ____________. wood
Created by: mominter