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Chap. 18 Quiz Review

Chapter 18 Quiz Review

Charles the Great was known as _________________. Charlemagne
Mayor of the __________________ was a government official. Palace
The Franks were a type of _______________ people. Germanic people
___________________ were traveling musicians. Minstrels
________________ was a ruler who was blessed by the Pope. Pepin
_________________ was a Frankish king. Clovis
People bound to the land were known as ______________. serfs
________________ meant to be blessed with holy oil. Annointed
Charles Martel was known as "The ______________" Hammer
__________________ means changed religion. Converted
The Battle of Tours was won by the ________________. Franks
Clovis and his 3,000 soldiers converted to ____________________. Christianity
Clovis brought all Franks under one __________. rule
Clovis made _____________ the capital of his kingdom. Paris
Clovis made _____________ the official laguage of his kingdom. Latin
Early Franks lived in present-day ______________. Germany
The Song of Roland was a poem about Roland's defeat by the ____________________. Basques
Pepin's two sons were Charles and _______________. Carolman
Charles ________________ was Pepin's father. Martel
Charles Martel's victory at the Battle of Tours was so important because it protected Christianity in Europe against the spread of ______________. Islam
The ________________ of Clovis's Kingdom was Paris. capital
Germany and ______________ are the modern countries that developed from the Franks new civilization. France
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