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HL GCSE Keywords

Religion and equality, justice, medical ethics

Abortion Removing a foetus from the womb before it is able to survive, ending the pregnancy.
Active euthanasia Giving someone some sort of treatment that will bring about their death
Adultery A married person having sex with someone who isn’t their husband or wife.
Artificial Insemination Injecting sperm (either the husband’s or donor’s) directly into a woman’s womb
Celibacy Never getting married or having sex
Civil Partnership The joining of a same-sex couple with the same rights and responsibilities as in a civil marriage.
Cloning Creating children who are genetically identical to one parent.
Cohabitation Living together in a sexual relationship without being married.
Contraception Anything that aims to prevent a woman becoming pregnant.
Divorce Formally ending a marriage.
Egg donation Using an egg from a different woman to help a couple with fertility problems to conceive.
Euthanasia Ending someone’s life to relieve their suffering, especially from an incurable, painful illness.
Hospice A place where terminally ill people are cared for.
Immoral Wrong. Not acceptable according to religious teachings.
Infertility Not being able to have children.
Involuntary euthanasia When other people make a decision that someone else should have euthanasia
In vitro fertilisation An infertility treatment in which eggs and sperm are mixed in a test tube until fertilisation takes place, then a resulting embryo is transplanted into the woman’s womb to develop.
Marriage The formal joining of a man and woman as husband and wife.
Passive euthanasia The removal of medical treatment which will result in a persons death
Procreation Having children
Promiscuity Having many sexual partners
Voluntary euthanasia When someone makes a free decision to be helped to dies
Sanctity of life A belief that all human life is sacred, or holy.
Suicide Deliberately ending your own life.
War Two or more sides fighting against each other to gain victory over something such as land
Holy war A war fought in the name of religion
A just war A war which is declared, fought and ended in accordance with ethical principles
equality Treating people equaly and with the same level of respect
prejudice When you pre-judge people without knowing them
Discrimination When people judge you by who you are/ what you you are and make it known
Racism When people judge you by who you are
Sexism When people judge you by who you are
Aparteid When people were seperated due to their race
Proselytise To try convering people to your religious faith
Missionary Going to less fortunate places and building things to help them to show their love for God
Evangelism To go and spread Jesus's word and convert them to Christianity
Interfaith dialogue Looking for areas of difference and discussing the difference together to have a clearer understanding
Ecuminism To try and get different types of Christians to talk to each each other
Forgiveness The act of pardoning someone for something they have done
Sacrament of reconciliation/ Confession The practice of private confession of sins to a priest and the receiving forgiveness
Penitent Someone who feels regret for their sins and confess them
Penence Paying a price for your sins
Wedding vows Binding promises each partner in a couple makes to the other during a wedding ceremony
Created by: HuDi RoX



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