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Religion Final QOA


What does social teachings call us to work for? peace and justice
Who wrote the Rerum Novarum? Pope Leo XIII
During our celebration of the Eucharist, we say the _____creed. Nicene
Does the Nicene Creed contain the 4 marks of the church? YES
Who calls us to Holiness in ours lives? God and The church
Prayer raising our hearts and minds to God
In what sacrament are we "anointed priest, prophet and king"? Baptism
Justice is based on the fact that all people have___________ Human Dignity
true or false: When we are baptized in the name of the Blessed Trinity, we take on a common mission of sharing the good news of Jesus and of working together to spread God's Kingdom True
Who is the bishop of Rome, and the successor of the Apostle Peter? Pope
Who is the great saint and a perfect example of discipleship? Mary
Conscience the viewpoint that concepts such as right and wrong, good and evil or truth and falsehood are not absolute but change from culture to culture and situation to situation.
What includes all members of the church from the beginning to the present? Communion of Saints
Prayers of the __________are prayers in which we ask something of God. Asking for forgiveness is the most important type of prayer. Petition
Intersession we are asking for something on behalf of another person or group
Praise show our gratitude to God for all he has given us
Blessing dedicating someone or something to God or to make something Holy in Gods name
Who is charged with the duty of handling on the complete and authentic teachings of Jesus Christ? Bishop
For each of us, the life of our faith comes to us through the__________ Holy spirit and Church
What was the image used by St.Paul to describe the Church? body of Christ
What is the church called? temple of the Holy Spirit
What are the four marks of the Church? One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic
common vocation the call to live out the gifts God gave us
Venial Sin less serious sin that weakens our relationship with God.
Mortal Sin very serious sin that completely breaks our friendship with God.
Free Will the ability given by God to chose between right and wrong
Human Dignity the value and worth that we share because God created us in his image and likeness
Conscience or Moral Compass directs us in our moral decision making
Social Sin unjust situations and conditions that negatively impact society and its institutions.
Well Formed Conscience conscience that is educated so that it is able to recognize what is good and then direct us to act on that good
Is Liturgy of the Hours public or private? public
When does the H.S. strengthen the faith and unity of the disciples? pentecost
Salvation was offered to the whole family by the means of the pascal mystery
Which Gospel writer Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John refers to the kingdom of God as the kingdom of heaven? Matthew
What sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ is the high point of the Church's life? Eucharist
deposit of faith all the truth contained in scripture and tradition that Christ revealed and entrusted to the Apostles and thus to the successor, the bishops and to the entire church
What do we have to have in order to accept the grace of the sacraments? proper disposition
A matter of Heart "Young people know that the future is in their hands and their hearts yearn to bring a message of hope and healing to a culture in great need of hearing it" quote stated by the catholic bishops
Nostra Aetate issued by POPE PAUL IV...states that the church decries hatred, persecutions, displays of anti-semitism, directed against the jews at anytime and by anyone
Another word for special graces Charisms
Evangelim Vitae PJP II culture of life
Pentecost birthday of the Church
Providence God's plan for protection of all creation
Central Principle of the natural Law every human being is sacred from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death
Grace A participation or a sharing in God's life and friendship
Sanctifying grace grace we receive in the sacraments
solidarity a virtue calling that we are all one human family and our decisions have consequences
laity members of the church
evangelical counsels chastity, poverty, obedience
Theological Virtues faith,hope and love:enable us to act like children of God
What are the 7 sacraments? Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, Holy Orders, anointing of the sick
What are the signs that are the foundations of the sacraments? pouring of water, bread and wine, absolution by priest, anointing of the oil, laying on with hands
visible elements of the church scripture, sacraments, Eucharist, Doctrine of faith, episcopacy
invisible elements life of grace, theological virtues, gift of the Holy Spirit!
Life and Dignity of the Human Person As christians we respect all people, even those we do not know.
Call to Family,community, and participation As christians we are called to be active participants in social, economic, and political life, using the values of our faith to shape our decisions
Rights and Responsibilities of the Human Person We have a responsibility to others and to society; we work to make sure the rights of all people are being protected
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable We have a special obligation to help those who are poor and in need
Dignity of Work and The rights of Workers Our work is a sign of our participation in God's work, it is a way to use our talents and abilities to thank God for his gifts
Solidarity of the Human Family We all suffer when one part of the human family suffers,
Care for God's creation WE must care for and respect the enviorment, we show respect for God
Jesus called his disciples to be joined to him as branches are joined to a ____________________. vines
As disciples of Christ and faithful members of the Church, we are called to live as the ______________________________ in which we were created, giving witness to God’s presence in the world. image of God
We are the Pilgrim People of God, on an earthly pilgrimage toward the fulfillment of ______________________________. God's kingdom
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