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Mudd Final

9 Vatican II Documents

Lumen Gentium Dogmatic CONSTITUTION on the Church. Universal Call to holiness for laity. Clarified the identity of the Church and its doctrine on Mary. Point of controversy over whether it alone is the true Church (sedevacantists).
Sacrosanctum Concilium CONSTITUTION on the Sacred Liturgy. Importance of the Eucharist, encouraged active participation, and reformed musical practices. Interpretation: increased involvement and understanding from the laity.
Gaudium et Spes Pastoral CONSTITUTION on the Church in the Modern World. Teaches humanity's relationship to society: economics, social justice, ecuminism, technology. Increased attention to modern world/problems (aggiornamento).
Dei Verbum Dogmatic CONSTITUTION: Divine Revelation. Church teachings on revelation history, revelation transmission, interpretation of scripture, and handling revelation in church. Encouraged personal reading of scripture by the laity and vernacular translations.
Christus Dominus DECREE on pastoral office of Bishops. Church position on roles of Bishops in relation to Pope. Primary teachers, interpreters, government of church. Explains jobs of Bishops an why important.
Apostilicam Actuositatem DECREEon the Apostolate of the lay poeple. Encouraged laity to live by gospels: Eucharist, evangelization, living with love. Encourages laity to instruct/encourage faithful to more fervent life.
Unitatis Redintegratio DECREE on Ecuminism. Call to reunification of all Christian people. Opened salvation to all willing to accept gospels. Changed from noncommunication to dialogue with all Christians, they will come back.
Dignitatis Humanae DECLARATION on Religious Liberty. All have right to practice their own religion individually. Religion can't be enforced. End Christendom (enforced, state religion), more open to dialogue and understanding.
Nostra Aetate DECLARATION on relation of Church to Non-Christian Religions. All humans are 1 community under God. Accepts some truths in other religions (reflect Catholic teachings). Showed less discrimination and increased involvement in modern world.
Created by: mwright555
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