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Phlebotomy Ch. 3

Ch. 3 Key terms

Attempt or threat to touch or injure another person Assault
Unauthorized physical contact Battery
Court action between individuals, corporations, governement bodies,or other organizations Civil Lawsuit
The personal and professional rules of performance and moral behavior as set by members of a profession. Code of Ethics
maintaining the privacy of information Confidentiality
Court action brought by the state for committing a crime against public welfare. Criminal Lawsuit
Spoken or written words that can damage a persons reputation. Defamation
Person against whom a lawsuit is filed. Defendant
Legislation that quarantees the privacy if individual health information. Health Insurance Portability & Accountability act.
Detailed report of a condition that affected patient care or worker safety, documenting the incident and actions taken. Incident report
Patient rights to know the method and risk before agreeing to treatment. Informed Consent
Unauthorized release of information Invasion of Privacy
Published writing that can damage a person's reputation Libel
Medical care that does not meet a reasonable standard and results in harm. Malpractice
Failure to perform duties according to accepted standards. Negligence
Patients have the right to refuse routine testing for HIV Opt out Screening
A revision of the patients bill of rights. Patient Care partnership
Document published by the JC to better protect patients from medical errors. Patient safety goals
Person who files a lawsuit Plaintiff
A hospital depatment that devolops policys to protect patients and workers Risk Management
Evalution of the causative factors of variation in performance. Root Cause analysis
An unanticipated death or permanent losss of function not release to a patient's illness or underlying condition. Sentiel Event
False or malicious spoken words Slander
Skill and knowledge requirements to perform patient care set up by regulatory and professional organization. Standard of care
Wrongful act committed by one person against another person or property. Tort
Document written by the American Hospital Association stating the patient's right during treatment. Patient's bill of rights
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