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MedTerm Quiz 15

Ch 14 Special Topics

aer/o air
bucc/o cheek
chem/o drug
cutane/o skin
lingu/o tongue
muscul/o muscle
or/o mouth
pharmac/o drug
rect/o rectum
toxic/o poison
vagin/o vagina
ven/o vein
generic name of a drug nonproprietary name
brand name of a drug proprietary or trademark name
oral given by mouth
sublingual under the tongue
inhalation inhaled through the nose or mouth
parenteral skin to be punctured by a needle
transdermal underside of a patch
rectal through the rectum by means of suppositories or a solution
topical applied to the skin
vaginal tablet or suppositories
eyedrops drops into the eye
intramuscular injection into the muscle
intravenous injection into the vein
subcutaneous injection into the subcutaneous layer of the skin
eardrops drops placed in the ear canal
buccal medicine is placed under the lip or between the cheek and gums
addiction acquired dependence on a drug
antidote neutralizes poisons
broad spectrum effective against a wide range of microrganisms
contraindiction condition in which a particular drug should not be used
iatrogenic unfavorable response resulting from taking a medication
idiosyncrasy abnormal response
placebo inactive, harmless substance used to satisfy a patient's desire for medication
prophylaxis prevention of disease
side effect response to a drug other than the effect desired
ment/o mind
phren/o mind
psych/o mind
schiz/o divided
somat/o body
somn/o sleep
-iatrist physician
amnesia loss of memory
anorexia nervosa refusal to eat
bulimia binge eating and intentionally vomitting
insomnia inability to sleep
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) shock therapy for prolonged major depression
ECT electroconvulsive therapy
radi/o xray
roentgen/o xray
son/o sound
tom/o to cut
Roentgenology diagnostic imaging (x-rays)
Barium solft metallic element used as a radiopaque xray dye
Ba Barium
lateral view positionoing of the patient so that the side of the body faces the xray machine
radiography making of xray pictures
radiologist physician who uses images to diagnose abnormalitities and radiant energy to treat various conditions such as cancer
Computed tomography scan imaging to produce a cross-sectional view
CT scan Computed Tomography scan
AP anteroposterior
CXR chest xray
Fx Fracture
GB gallbladder xray
IVP intravenous pyelogram
KUB kidneys, ureter, bladder
PA posteroanterior
Ra Radium
rad radiation absorbed dose
RRT registered radiologic technologist
UGI upper gastrointestinal series
cry/o cold
electr/o electric current
hydr/o water
my/o muscle
orth/o straight, correct
phon/o sound
prosth/o addition
therm/o heat
-therapy treatment
PT physical therapy
OT occupational therapy
ADL Activities of daily living
adaptive equipment devices to improve the function and independence f a person with a disability
body mechanics good posture and position withe performing activities
gait manner of walking
orthotics splints and braces
prosthetics artificial devices
range of motion range of mvmt of a joint from maximum flexion through maximum extention
ROM range of motion
rehabilitation process of treatment and exercise to help a person with a disability attain max function and well being
cryotherapy using cold for therapeutic purposes
debridement removal of dead or damaged tissue from a wound
electromyogram graphic recording of the contration of a muscle. The result of applying an electrical stimulation to the muscle.
EMG Electromyogram
gait training assisting a patient to learn to walk again
hydrotherapy the use of warm water as a therapeutic treatment
thermotherapy applying heat to the body for therapeutic purposes
traction process of pulling or drawing usually with a mechanical device
cis/o to cut
cry/o cold
electr/o electricity
esthesi/o sensation or feeling
sect/o to cut
surgery operative procedure to correct deformities or defects
anesthesiologist physicial that administers anesthetics
general anesthesia loss of consciousness
local anesthesia loss of sensation
topical anesthesia placed directly on/into a specific area
curette scrapes and removes tissue
hemostat forceps to grasp blood vessel to control bleeding
speculum spreads apart walls of a cavity
fowler sitting with back positioned at 45* angle
lateral recumbent lying on either the left or right side
lithotomy lying face up with hips and knees bent at 90* angles
prone lying horizontal with face down
supine lying horizontal with face up (aka: dorsal recumbent)
Trendelenburg lying face up and on an incline with head lower than legs
Analgesic medication to relieve pain
anesthetic produce partial to complete loss of sensation
circulation nurse assists the surgeon and scrub nurse by providing needed materials during the procedure and by handling the surgical specimen.
cryosugery extreme cold to produce cell injury
hemostasis stopping the flow of blood
perioperative period of time that includes before, during and after a surgical procedure
postoperative (post-op) immediately folling the surgery
preoperative (pre-op) preceding the surgery
resection cut out or remove; excision
scrub nurse surgical assistant who hands instruments to the surgeon.
D&C diation and curettage
EUA exam under anesthesia
I&D incision and drainage
OR operating room
T&A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
TAH total abdominal hysterectomy
TURP Transurethral resection of prostate
carcin/o cancerous
chem/o chemical
onc/o tumor
Oncology dealing with tumors
Benign tumor not progressive or recurring ends in -oma
Malignant Tumor cancerous growth usually has carcinoma in the name
Metastasis movement of the cancerous cells
Carcinoma in situ (CIS) Not extended beyond its original site
encapsulated growth enclosed in a sheath of tissue that prevents tumor cells
neoplasm new and abnormal growth or tumor
oncogenic cancer causing
primary site malignant tumor first appeared here
relapse return of disease symptoms after a period of improvement
remission period during which the symptoms of a disease or disorder leave
biopsy small piece of tissue
chemotherapy treating disease by using chemicals
palliative therapy Treatment designed to reduce the intensity of painful symptoms, but does not produce a cure
radiation therapy Exposing tumorss and surrounding tissues to x-rays or gamma rays to interfere with their ability to multiply
radical surgery extensive surgery to remove as much tissue associated with a tumor as possible
bx biopsy
Ca Cancer
chemo chemotherapy
mets metastases
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