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JLC SS CH 12 Vocab

JLC SS Grade 6 Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Forbidden City Made up of hundreds of buildings surrounded by high walls.
Taj Mahal Greatest building in India
Empress Wu Hou China's first female ruler
Song Dynasty Reunited China – formed central government
deva-raja “god-king”
Zheng He Chinese explorer led the first of 7 voyages in 1405
absolute power Khamer rulers- Control everything in life
Angkor First royal city built here
aristocrat A noble
samurai A class of Japanese warriors
typhoon A tropical storm with heavy winds and rough seas
daimyo A ruling samurai leader- most powerful samurai
A special, high ranking military office shogun
Edo City that was shogun capital
policy of isolation Japan had very little contact with other cultures or goods
Muasaki Shikibu Wrote The Tale of Genji
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