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Ancient China

In ancient China oracle bones were used by the Shang people to _____ Predict the future
During which time period did rulers first apply Confucian ideas about fairness and learning ___________? Han Dynasty
Loess created problems for the Huang Valley farmer because it _____ Clogged irrigation ditches
Name a subject that was not taught in the Grand School? Math
A dry treeless plain steppe
The wearing away of soil by wind or water erosion
Emperor’s right to rule from God Mandate of Heaven
Empire’s best school The Grand School
Machine used to detect earthquakes Seismographs
Supreme ruler of an empire emperor
A wall that keeps a river within its banks levee
A line of rulers connected who belong to the same family dynasty
Relatives of the emperor Nobles
This teacher said rulers must be wise and good, just as their subjects must be respectful Confucius
Political divisions of land provinces
A time of very little food famine
True or False? The Terra Cotta figures were built to protect and accompany the emperor in death. True
True or False? The Great Wall of China was built to protect China from raiders of the south. False
True or False? Chinese writing is written in characters. True
True or False? The Great Wall of China was built to keep out the the Mongols. True
True or False?Shihuangdi tried to create a mirror world for his tomb. True
True or False?Farmers were the backbone of the Qin empire. True
True or False?The Qin dynasty ruled China for 10,000 generations. False
True or False?Confucius believed that education could teach people to be good True
True or False?Confucianism is a religion. False
True or False?Learning blossomed during the Qin dynasty. False
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