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Micro Quiz 5/9/12

What is the gram stain of Staphylococcus? Gram Positive in a cocci cluster
What is an enterotoxin? An exotoxin that cause gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Produced by S. aureus. It is a common cause of food poisoning.
What are some infections caused by S. aureus? A. Boils B. Pimples/ Acne C. Wounds/ Post op D.TSS E. HAI- Health care Associated Infection.(nosocomial)
What is the characteristic lesion of S. aureus? Abscess -Pus forming ability , limited ability to spread. MRSA
Where is S. epidermidis normal flora? Skin, throat and vagina
What is the gram stain of Streptococcus? Gram Pos cocci chains
What does fastidious mean? Difficult to grow
What does Strep require in the atmosphere to grow? Carbon Dioxide
Define alpha hemolysis Green halo surrounding colony hemolysis slight or incomplete
Define beta hemolysis Clear colorless halo
Define gamma hemolysis no change in blood surrounding colony
Which Lancefield group of the beta Streptococcus is the most pathogenic? Group A S. pyogenes
Which Lancefield group causes infection in newborns? Group B
What does GBS stand for? Group B Strep
What organism is the bacitracin disk test used on? Beta hemolytic strep
What does the positive test look like on the bacitracin disk test? Zone of growth inhibition
What does a negative test look like on the bacitracin disk test? No zone of growth inhibition
Which organism is positive on the bacitracin disk test? Group A Beta strep
Which organism is negative on the bacitracin disk test? Beta strep- NOT group A
What test should you preform if the rapid strep test is negative? throat culture on ss agar.
What is the characteristic lesion of beta hemolytic Streptococci? Cellulitis
What are the several infections caused by Group A beta hemolytic Streptococci? A. Strep throat B. Scarlet fever C. AGN D. Rheumatic Fever (RF) E. Osteomyelitis F. meningitis G. acute endocarditis
Where is Enterococcus normal flora and what kind of infection does it frequently cause? Intestine- Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
What is the typical colony appearance of Streptococcus pneumonia? Gray, mucoid, translucent and alpha hemolytic
What is the gram stain of S. pneumoniae? Gram positive cocci pairs
What is the characteristic lesion of S. penumoniae? Fibrin in the areas of inflammation
What disease does S. pneumoniae cause? Lobar pneumonia and otitis media(ear infections)
Created by: lecopple1