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WVSOM skin System 2012- Dugan Streptococci

Is Streptococci Gram (+) or (-)? (+)
Does Streptococci posses catalase? NO!
How do we classify Streptococci? By hemolysis: Beta, Alpha or Gamma hemolysis in 5% sheep blood.
What are the defining characteristics of Group A Strep? Hyaluronic acid Capsule, Fibrils that consist of M-proteins, Peptidoglycan,T and R proteins and Soluble virculence factors
What are some soluble virulence factors? Streptokinase,Streptodornase, hyaluronidase, erthyrogenic toxin, NADase, Streptolysins
S.Pyrogenes causes which diseases? pharyngitis, scarlet fever, impetigo, cellulitis, endocarditis, RHEUMATIC FEVER, Glumerulonephritis
What antibodies are used to screen for S. Pyrogenes? Streptozyme test: ASO, Anti-DNAse B, AHase, anti-NAD Antistreptolysin O- quantify antibodies to streptolysin O
What is the presentation of scarlet fever? "strawberry" tongue
What treatment do we use for scarlet fever? Long acting penicillin (10days) to protect against rheumatic fever
Group B strep causes which diseases? Septicemia, meningitis, pneumonia
Group D strep causes which diseases? UTI, Wounds, sepsis
what strep causes dental caries? Viridans strep
Along with pneumonia, S.Pneumoniae causes what other diseases? Otitis media, sinusitis
What are the characteristics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa? Motile with polar flagella, oxidase positive, obligate aerobe, 42 degrees Celsius, fruity odor colonies
What virulence factors are associated with P. aeruginosa? Pili, polysaccharide capsule, endotoxin, Exotoxin A
What is the function of exotoxin A? Causes ADP- ribosylation of elongation factor 2 which INHIBTS PROTEIN SYNTHESIS
What is Acinetobacter? oxidase negative (aerobic), nonfermentative, non motile,pleomorphic organsim Gram (-), multidrug resistant
what population is more at risk for infection with acinetobacter? Soliders
Created by: Bwest8