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New Testament Exam 3

Dr. Boone

This is the oldest known Christian writing. 2 Thessalonians
This is the only church in this city that Paul did not visit prior to writing them. Rome
When Paul speaks about a "new creation" in 2 Corinthians 5, what is he probably referring to? A new social order
Reconciliation means: Re-establish friendship
The first church in Europe was founded in this city. Philippi
This is the largest column of correspondences with any church in the New Testament. 1&2 Corinthians
In Philmon Paul highlights the transforming power of the _____ Church
This is the practice of creating new works in the name of famous deceased authors Pseudonymous
He is the only historical person who was a major character in a NT book and an author of an NT book Paul
Harris states that Christian baptism is the equivalent to what ritual sign that identifies one as belonging to God's people? circumcision
What is the theme of Galatians? Justification by faith
The mixing together aspects of two or more different religions to create a new doctrine Syncretism
Which one of the following is not a prison letter? 2 Thessalonians
Paul's letters usually address some issue or problem except for Romans True
What OT character did Paul use to illustrate the theme of Galations? Abraham
In 1st century Rome, this was a sign of marriage head coverings
When Paul uses the imagery of "unequally yoked", who is he referring to in 2 Corinthians 5? rebels
What is the basis for Christian hope in 1 Thessalonians? Jesus' death and resurrection
This is the mark of a Christian in 1 Thessalonians Joy
In this letter, Paul is convinced that Israel will one day be saved (he uses the illustration of grafting) Romans
What is the most powerful resource available to the believer (according to Ephesians)? Prayer
In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul states that this is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Body
Through ____ in Christ a person is justified and declared righteous before God Faith
In Colossians, an early Christian hymn is used to emphasize that Christ is Lord of Creation and _____? Redemption
Of the four types of love, which one is not used in the NT? Eros
Paul utilizes this metaphor that signifies a person's debts were cancelled and they began anew. Adoption
This is the centerpiece of Philippians Hymn of Christ
This is the only NT book that uses the term heretic Titus
This is the only surviving personal letter of Paul. Philemon
In the letter to the Romans, God's justice and love are reconciled on the ____ Cross
The Greeks invented this term which meant to live an immoral life Corinthainize
List and define the third type of love found in the NT Storge: love shown/ given to family
Who spoke these words to Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" Jesus
According to 2 Timothy, all ______ is breathed out (inspired) by God." Scripture
Define justification To remove guilt, set free or cause one to be in a right relationship with God
What is the only offensive spiritual weapon mentioned in Ephesians 6 Word of God
Which of the three Pastoral Epistles most closely resembles Paul's genuine letters? 2 Timothy
Paul seems to refer to this ift as a form of prayer and praise Glossolalia
Worldwide evangelization is essential and is rooted in God's own ____ desire Evangelistic
Paul's word for "sin" is a Greek archery term that means: Missing the mark
In Romans 12, what is the word that Paul uses for "transformed by having a new way of thinking and living?" Metamorphosis
Which one of the following is not a privilege of Israel listed in Romans Temple
This city was made the capital of the world by Alexander the Great Corinth
Incarnation means that Jesus became a _____ human
Who was the slave that fled from his master and became a Christian after meeting Paul in Rome? Onesimus
This term used by Paul in Romans 3 means the "wiping away of sins together with the satisfying of God's wrath?" Propitiation
In this letter, a spiritual adviser was promoting undue honor to angels or other spirit beings Colossians
In which letter does the Armor of God appear? Ephesians
Which of the following is condemned in the NT Human trafficking
Paul wrote more about the principles of this type of ethics to the Corinthians than he does to any other church sexual
In 2 Thessalonians what will precede the 2nd coming of Jesus? Apostasy
The prominent theme, and mentioned in every chapter of 1 Thessalonians is 2nd coming of Jesus
This term is used 12 times in the letter to the Philippians Joy
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