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WVSOM skin System 2012 Dickinson- Candida

Which adaptive immune cell is key in controlling Candida? T cell
What T cell subset and cytokine is responsible for host defense against Candida? Th1 and INF-y
Define Dimorphism The ability to be a mold or mycelium at room temperature and a yeast at body temperature
what is the process of asexual reproduction in fungi? hyphae grow and divide at thier tips eventually forming conidia.
Candida is a member of which class of Fungi? Fungi Imperfecti
Candida transiently colonizes what in most people? Oral cavity and skin
Outline the process of immunity to candida. 1) APC cell (such as DC) presents B-glucan and secretes IL-12 to transition TH0 to TH1. 2) TH1 secretes INF-Y to enhance macrophages 3) Neutralizing antibody and complement is recognized on the surface and allows for phagocytosis.
Outline the innate immune response to candida TLR activation via B-glucan on yeast and phagocytosis via neutrohils/macrophages.
Outline the cell mediated immune response to candida TH1 cells secrete IFN-y
Define the humoral immune response to candida Anti-body against B-mannan
what is the most benign disease caused by candida on mucous membranes? TRUSH
Invasive focal infections often affect multiple organs. How do these become introduced? Indwelling devices such as prosthetic heart valves and catheters.
Define Candidemia Fungal Sepsis
Which patients are most at risk for Candidemia? Immunocompromised and ICU pts.
What are the three aspects of Candida Pathogenesis? Adherence, Invasion, Host cell damage
What influences Candida Adhesion? Fungal Adhesins, the stronger the adherence the more virulent
what influences Invasion? hyphal growth
define morphogenesis the ability of yeast to differentiate into hyphae and cause tissue damage via invasion (yeast-to-hyphal transition)
What is the most important aspect of adapting to the environment for fungi? Pheno-type switching
What is the primary way to identify a fungus? KOH scraping or Gram stain
Define Oropharyngeal candidiasis TRUSH; increased in immunocompromised pts or those with exposed gums (infants/denture wearers) as well as those treated with antibiotics or glucocorticosteroids
Define Vaginitis caused by Candidia Yeast curdled white discharge dry-red vaginal lining
Where does a cutaneous candidiasis occur most often? MOIST areas such as skin folds.
In which population does Intertrigo occur most often? Obese
In which population is candida espophagitis most common? AIDS or hematologic malignancies.
Created by: Bwest8