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R/S Judaism test

Unit 1 - Judaism

What was Israel's birth name? Jacob. God changed his name after he wrestled with an angel.
Final Solution Described the extermination of the Jews by hitler +nazis during WW2
What does Israel mean? One who conquers with God
Founder of the Jewish people Abraham
Founder of the Jewish religion Moses
Ark of the Covenant Sacred object in the most Holy Place of the earthly tabernacle which contained the 10 commandments which God put on two tablets.
Shema prayer Hear O Israel: God is our God, God the One and Only
Why were the Muslims more tolerant to the Jews in the middle ages? Koran taught to be tolerant to people of the book and they shared the first 5 books of the bible and had some common beliefs: belief in One God Circumcision and no pork
3 Sub groups of modern Judaism Orthodox: most strict, traditional. God gave Moses whole Torah on Mt Sinai. Do not integrate. Conservative: Middle ground mix of Orthodox/reformed. Believe God gave Torah to people Reformed: most open. Torah written by different human sources.
Main reason for zionist movement To establish a Jewish homeland + protect Israel.
Single most important belief in Judaism Monotheism: God is One
2 religions posing most challenge to Judaism after Jesus time on earth: 1) Christianity 2) Islam/Muslim
When did Abraham live on Earth? 1700 BCE
Covenant God made with Abraham: “I shall make you a great nation” Gen 15:18 Abraham is promised land/kingdom “I shall bless you and make you name famous” Gen 15:4-5 Abram is promised descendants “You are to be a blessing” Gen 22:18 Abram’s obedience will result in a worldwide
What event was the most crucial in the history of the Jewish people leading to their scattering? Diaspora: Destruction of the temple.
Why didn't the Jews didn't suffer from the Black Plague as much? Strict dietary laws + cleansing rituals (hygiene practices)
Tenach: Hebrew old testament
3 sections of the Tenach: 1) Torah - ‘teaching’ first 5 books of moses, e.g. Genesis - Deuteronomy 2) Nev’im - prophets e.g. Isaiah jeremiah daniel ezekiel micah 3) Ketuvim - Writings or wisdom books, e.g. psalms, proverbs.
Year the State of Israel got officially recognized (by the UN) as a country: 1948
Zealots Militant Jews rebelling against the Romans
Rabbinical Judaism: Teaching and refers to emphasis on explaining the torah in synagogues.
3 associated groups of Rabbinical Judaism: Sadducees - priestly class Pharisees - teachers of law Essenes - ascetic group; strict diet and deprivation.
Moses Maimonides 12 century writer in Judaism’s 13 principles of faith
3 Most important Jewish festivals: Pesach Passover deliverance from Egypt where the angel passed over the Jewish homes where there was lambs blood on the doorpost. Shavuot Receiving of 10 commandments Sukkot Feast of the Tabernacle in memory of 40 years Jewish wandering.
Maccabean Revolt in Palestine: Led by Judas Maccabaeus. specific event which upset Jews: the sacrifice of a pig on the sacred altar in the temple agains the Greeks. (167BC)
Where do most Jews live outside of Israel? North America
2 events central to independent Jewish religious tradition? 1) Exodus (deliverance from Egypt) 2) Receiving of the 10 commandments
Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement
Mishnah Written version of Jewish oral law completed by 200CE
Diaspora Dispersion/scattering of the Jewish people. Beginning with babylonian captivity and including all subsequent suffering of Jews.
Purim: Marks the salvation of the Jews in Persia
What is the Jewish New Year called? Rosh-ha-Shanah
Nevi'im: Prophets: spiritual advisors to kinds + predictors of future events.
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