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Medical Terminology

Flash Cards

thorac/o thorax Chest
tox/o poison, poisonus
tic pertaining to
splen/o spleen
hyper excessive, increased
ectomy surgical removal, cutting out; excision
hypo deficient, decreased
itis inflammation
osis abnormal condition, disease
ostomy surgically creating an opening
otomy cutting, surgical incision
rrhaphy surgical sutering
rrhage bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid; discharge
plasty surgical repair
carcin/o cancerous
endo in, within; inside
ven/o vein
lith/o stone, calculus
tripsy to crush
chol/e bile, gall
cholecyst/o gall bladder
col/o; colon/o colon
emesis vomiting
pnea breathing
exo out of, outside, away from
stenosis abnormal narrowing
thromb/o clot
anti against
cyst/o urinary bladder, cyst, sac of fluid
cyt/o cell
stasis control maintenance of a constant level
poster/o behind, toward the back
plasia development, growth, formation
cephal/o head
caud/o lower part of body; tail
path/o disease, suffering feeling; emotion
ology the science or study of
lysis breakdown; separation, setting free; destruction, loosening
cele hernia, tumor; swelling
erythr/o red
emia blood, blood condition
bronch/o bronchi/o bronchus
ur/o urine
ureter/o ureter
synovi/o synov/o synovial membrane; synovial fluid
lord/o curve, swayback or bent
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
bi twice
tri three
ton/o tension, tone; stretching
desis surgical fixation of bone or joint; to bind or tie together
plegia paralysis; stroke
my/o muscles
chondr/o cartilage
cost/o rib
arthr/o joint
kines/o kinesi/o movement
ic pertaining to
enter/o small intestine
esophag/o esophagus
gastr/o stomach
hepat/o liver
ankyl/o crooked, bent, or stiff
lithiasis presence of stones
proct/o anus and rectum
rect/o rectum
tachy fast or rapid
phagia swallowing
pepsia digest or digestion
trache/o windpipe
laryng/o voice box
cyan/o blue
glomerul/o glomerulus
ectasis stretching, dilation, enlargement
nephr/o kidney
pexy surgical fixation
pyel/o renal pelvis bowl of kidney
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
urethr/o urethra
necrosis tissue death
rrhea flow or discharge
neo ne/o new strange
oma tumor, neoplasm
angi/o blood or lymph vessel
aort/o aorta
arteri/o artery
brady slow
lymphaden/o lymph gland node
cardi/o heart
phleb/o vein
leuk/o white
hem/o hemat/o blood relating to the blood
sclerosis abnormal hardening
algia pain, or painful condition
plasm formative material of cells
phag/o eat or swallow
an/o anus
lymph/o lymph or lymphatic tissue
immun/o immune, protection or safe
fasci/o fascia, fibrous band
fibr/o fiber
ia abnormal condition, disease plural of -ium
hist/o tissue
somn/o sleep
spir/o to breathe
pulm/o pulmon/o lung
pneum/o pheumon/o pneu lung
dia through, between, apart or complete
pleur/o multi-layered membrane
ologist specialist
phon/o voice or sound
pharyng/o throat
ox/i, ox/o, ox/y oxygen
tax/o coordination or order
scoli/o curved, bent
oss/e, ost/o, oss/i, oste/o bone
crani/o skull
ten/o tend/o tendin/o tendons
uria urination; urine
rrhexis rupture
dys bad, difficult or painful
crasia a mixture or blending
caus/o burning, burn
concuss/o shaken together, violently agitated
contus/o bruise
encephal/o brain
esthesia sensation, feeling
esthet/o feeling, nervous sensation sense of perception
graphy the process of producing a picture or record
klept/o to steal
mania obsessive preoccupation
mening/o membranes, meninges
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
neur/i, neur/o nerve, nerve tissue
phobia abnormal fear
psych/o mind
tropic having an affinity for
sacr/o sacrum
sarc/0 flesh connected tissue
blephar/o eyelid
cusis hearing
irid/o iris, colored part of eye
kerat/o horny, hard, cornea
myring/o tympanic membrane, eardrum
ophthalm/o eye, vision
opia vision condition
um singular noun ending
ptosis drooping down
opt/o eye or vision
ot/o ear or hearing
phak/o lens of eye
presby/o foreskin, prepuce
retin/o retina, net
scler/o sclera, white part of eye or hard
trop/o turn or change
tympan/o tympanic membrane or eardrum
bi/o life
derm/o dermat/o skin
hidr/o sweat
hirsut/o hairy, rough
kerat/o horn, hardness
lip/o fat, lipid
melan/o black, dark
myc/o fungus
onych/o fingernail or toenail
pedicul/o louse (singular)or lice (plural)
rhytid/o wrinkle
seb/o sebum
urtic/o nettle, rash, or hives
xer/o dry
acr/o extremities (hands and feet) top, extreme point
adren/o adrenal glands
crin/o secrete
dipsia thirst
glyc/o glucose or sugar
gonad/o gonad, sex glands
ism condition, state of
pancreat/o pancreas
parathyroid/o parathyroid glands
pineal/o pineal gland
pituitar/o pituitary gland
poly many
somat/o body
thym/o thymus, souls gland
thyr/o thyroid/o thyroid gland
cervic/o neck, cervix (neck of uterus)
colp/o vagina
gravida pregnant
gynec/o woman, female
hyster/o uterus
mast/o breast
men/o menstruation, menses
nulli none
ov/o egg, ovum
ovari/o ovary
para to give birth
salping/o uterine (fallopian) tube auditory (eustachian) tube
test/i test/o testicle, testis
vagin/o vagina
albumin/o albumin or protein
calc/i calcium
centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
creatin/o creatine
glycos/o glucose, sugar
lapar/o abdomen or abdominal wall
radi/o radiation, x-rays, radius (lateral lower arm bone)
scope instrument for visual examination
scopy visual examination
son/o sound
uria urination, urine
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