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20 Anne Frank questions and answers you won't want to miss!

Full Name Annelies (Anne) Marie Frank
When were you born? June 12th, 1929
Where were you born? Frankfurt, Germany
Who were your siblings? Older sister, Margot
Were you married? No
What was your spouse's name? No spouse
When did you become a legend? 2 years after my death.
How did you become a legend? By writng my experience of being held captive by Hitler my diary.
Are you still alive? If not, where is your grave located? My grave is located with all the other people who died in the camp with me, in Lower Saxony, Germany.
Who were you friends with? One of my friends was Lies. She was even at the same concentration camp as I.
Who were your enemies? Hitler, because we were Jews.
Where did you live? I was raised in Amsterdam and Germany. I spent the rest of my life in a concentration camp.
Did you have any children? No
What was your favorite food? We ate the same thing every day when we were in hiding
What were your hobbies? Writing in "Kitty"
Who was your hero? My dad
What is one of my quotes? Despite everything, I believe people are really good at heart.
How old were you when you died? Age 15
How did you die? Died of typhus
What was your favorite book/song/movie? Diary, Kitty
What was your worst fear? Getting discovered by the Nazi's. But we were discovered, so then it was dying.
Who influenced you life the most? My dad really understood how hard it was for a 12-year old to sit still.
Who were your parents? Mom: Edith Dad: Otto
Created by: HannahTietz



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