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Obiol- Silk Road

spread from Arabia into Africa beginning in the A.D. 600's Islam
A country's _______________________ effects the language, family life, and government Religion
the amount you have of an item supply
the amount of something that is needed demand
to trade one item for another barter
The exchange of ideas and customs through trade cultural diffusion
Describe how trade helped spread cultures when people trade, they share ideas as well as goods
The main way goods and ideas moved between ____________ and _______________ by caravan along the Silk Road. Europe, China
Silk, porcelain, and tea were traded by the ____________ Chinese
____________ ________ wrote a book about his travels. Marco Polo
_______________ of Mali allowed different religions. Mansa Musa
_____________ were known for being fierce warriors Mongols
Ghana grew powerful because it taxed traders and had a big army
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