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ch. 10-14

exam 3

Name the 9 diff, types of heart disease? Coronary heart disease,congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease ,acute coronary syndrome,angina pectoris, peripheral artery disease,metabolic syndrome cerebrovascular disease (stroke)
what is the #1 killer of women of all ages? Cardiovascular disease
what is coronary heart disease?and what can it result in? Arteriosclerosis-thickening and hardening of artery wall. Can result in mycoardial infarction (heart attack, Embolus/Thrombus
What is acute coronary syndrome? when the heart does not get enough blood flow (heart attack, unstable attack)
what is congestive heart failure? weak heart muscles that cannot perform the pump function with proper vigor. (happens with older people)
what is cerebrovascular accident (stroke) cerebral infarction, when blood vessels to and from the brain become damaged.
Name the 3 types of stroke and their causes? ischemic stroke-most common type and caused by a cerebral thrombus/embolus hemmorrhagic stroke- caused by ruptured blood vessels, such as an aneurism Transient Ischemic stroke- warning signs of stroke
what are some non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors due to stroke. NM-advancing age (including menopause) hereditary of family history, biological sex, ethnicity or race M- smoking, obesity,high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, unhealthy diet
what is metabolic syndrome? group of conditions that occur together and cause CVD.
what are some warning signs of a heart attack? chest pain or pressure,pain spreading to shoulder, neck, or arm. fainting sweating, nausea
what are some warning signs of a stroke? weakness or numbness of face, arm, leg (especially on one side of body). Confusion loss of speech, trouble understanding speech.
why are women such a special case in regards to CVD? widespread misconceptions, underdetection, women more likely to die of heart attack.
what is cancer? uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells.
what is the 2nd leading cause of death for women overall? Cancer
define tumor any abnormal growth of cell
what is Malignant vs. Benign? Malignant- cancerous Benign- not cancerous and does not spread
what is metastasis? spreading throughout the body
what are carcinogens? any cancer causing substances
What is the difference from carcinoma and sarcoma? carcinoma-begins in tissue lines or covers the organ Sarcoma- originates in the connective tissue(muscle/bone)
What is Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Melanoma Leukemia is cancer in the blood Lymphoma is in the immune system Melanoma is skin cancer
Cancer Staging- What does the TNM system stand for? T-size of tumor N-involvement of nearby lymph nodes M-metastasis
Describe the 4 general stages of cancer Stage 1-cancer caught earli in situ (localized) Stage 2 & 3- locally advanced, and/or involvement of lymph nodes Stage 4- extremely advanced cancer,has spread (metastasized) throughout body.
What are the top 3 women deaths from cancer? Lung, breast, and colon.
what is early detection for cancer? Screening which is secondary prevention.
what are some causes of cancer? growing older, cigarette smoking, diet, viruses, alcohol consumption, genetic, environmental
What is the leading cause of cancer death in women? Lung cancer
What is the second leading cancer killer of all women and the first leading cancer killer of African American women? Breast cancer
_ in _ women will develop breast cancer 1 in 8
why are all women at risk for breast cancer? because the two main risk factors are being a women and aging.
What is a lumpectomy and partial or segmental mastectomy? lumpectomy- when cancerous lumps and small amounts of tissue are removed partial and segmental mastectomy- removal of some breast tissue and surroundings
What is a radical and modified radical mastectomy? radical- removing breast and other muscles and lymph nodes modified-removal of the breast only not lymph nodes or wall muslces
what are the ABCDE's of skin cancer? Asymmetry, BBorder, Colour, Diameter, and Evolution
What are some skin cancer risk factors? Lighter natural skin color, blue and green eyes, blonde or red hair,history of sunburns
Another name for uterine cancer? endometrium cancer
what is chronic disease? ongoing, long lasting, reocurring
What are the BIG ONE's of chronic diseases? (hint 6 of them) heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity,arthritis, cancer
what are some examples of chronic diseases? Alzheimer's, MS, Arthritis, Exama
what are some disparities in chronic disease for women? -chronic disease affect women more than women -lupus afflicts women 9x's more often than men -hypothyrodism is 50x's more common in women
What is Type 1 & 2 diabetes and gestational diabtes? Type 1-(IDDM)Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,autoimmune,body attacking itself antibodies destroying insulin. Type 2-(NIDDM)Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Insulin resistence it doesnt work well. Gestational diabetes-2-5% pregnant women
explain how diabetes works? food is turned into glucose (which is the fuel for cells, then insulin takes glucose from bloodstream and gives energy to cells
What are some risk factors for diabetes? having a first degree relative with it, being overweight, hypertension,being African American, Hispanic, American Indians/Alaskan natives
What are some symptoms of diabetes? Type 1-frequent urination, unusual thirst,extreme hunger, unusual weight,extreme fatigue,blurred vision, Type 2-(same as type1,frequent infections,cuts are bruises that are hard to heal
What is osteoporosis? decrease in bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue
What is resorption and formation with osteoporosis? Rsorption- removes older bone Formation- replaces with new bone
What are Non modifiable and modifiable risk factors for osteoporosis? NM-being a female Increased age menopausa, small frame, white or Asian M-diet low in calcium and vitamin D, sedentary lifestyle, cigarette smoking, estrogen deficiency
what is Arthritis? inflammation of joints
what are the different types of arthritis? Osteoarthritis- degenerative joint disease rheumatoid- chronic inflammatory disease Gout-excess uric acid in the body
what are some modifiable and Nm risk factors for arthritis? NM- Age, gender, genetics M-Overweight, obesity,injuries, infection, occupation
What are autoimmune diseases? when the immune system forms antibodies that target healthy tissues and organs, (immune system attacking itself)
Define Thyroiditis? inflammation of the thyroid gland
what is Hypothyrodism & Hyperthyrodism? Hypo-underactive thyroid (Hashimoto's disease)gain weight Hyper-overactive thyroid (Graves disease)lose weight
What is Alzheimer's disease irreversible, progressive brain disorder, results in memory loss,behavior, and personality changes.
Risk factors for Alzheimer's disease? NM-age,female gender, genetic background, FAD M-kifestyle,severe or repeated head injuries, lower education levels, environmental agents
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