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AICP sample test q's

From sample test

First indoor shopping center Southlake Center, Minnesota 1956
Location of wireless towers is a decision by what level of government? Local government
What is the name of a federally designated that is economically distressed? Empowerment zone, can get subsidies and incentives
Limits for air and water emissions? Effluent standards
Which federal act provided funds for urban renewal? Housing Act of 1954
What is the timeframe covered in a CIP? One year
What is the best technique to use in resolving conflict in a community? Consensus building
Who was the first president of the ASPO? Alfred Bettman
In what city was the first Historic Preservation Commission? New Orleans, 1924
What is included in an economic base analysis? Job projections, current demographics, inventory of office/industry space and occupancies
What type of zoning provides for the developer to include affordable housing? Inclusionary zoning
Who developed the equity planning theory? Krumholz
What was Innes known for? Consensus building
What was Etzioni known for? Mixed scanning theory
What was Davidoff known for? Advocacy planning
What does the BZA review? Variance requests (quasi-judicial)
What does the Planning Commission review? Rezoning, plats, sometimes CIP
What is groupware? Variety of electronic technologies to support distance collaboration (hardware, software, internet)
What were the key aspects of the Agins v Tiburon case? Deprivation of economically viable use, and failing to advance the public interest
What was Ian McHarg known for? Design with Nature
How many cell towers were in the US in 2005? 150,000
What was a key aspect of the Dolan v Tigard case? Requirement of development fees in lieu of dedication
What was a key aspect of the Home Builders v City of Livermore case? Timing of development (building permits)
What Department of Commerce information can assist in planning for the future economy? Twelve leading indicators that measure the direction of the economy
What movement/organization is associated with boycotts and marches? Alinsky's Organizations
What are key features of conflict resolution? Feedback and compromise
What type of engagement method could be used with planning staff informally? Open space
Who is associated with incremental planning? Lindblom, wrote "Muddling Through"
What are the six transects? Natural, rural, sub-urban, general urban, urban center, urban core
What APA document was developed to encourage states to revise standard state zoning? Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook
James Kunstler
What year did ASPO and APA combine? 1978
What is a pedestrian pocket? Who developed the idea? 110 acres with park in the middle, mixed use, walkable, etc. Peter Calthorpe
Where was the first Council of Governments? Detroit, 1954
Who is associated with the idea of "satisficing?" Herbert Simon
What does the 14th Amendment address? Due process, substantive due process, procedural due process, equal protection
What does the 5th Amendment address? Just compensation for takings, eminent domain
What does the 1st Amendment address? Freedom of speech, religion, association; signage, adult uses, group homes
What does this case address: FCC v Florida Power Takings claim; utility rents
How many people per square mile in US in 2000? 79.6
Who is associated with the sector theory? Homer Hoyt
How much energy can be saved by lowering thermostat by 1 degree? 1 to 3 percent
What is included in the Federal Propery Administration Act of 1949? Disposal of federal government property
What does this case address: Berman v Parker Eminent domain; land can be condemned based on aesthetic considerations (public purpose)
What is performance zoning? Regulates the character of the use instead of simply regulating the use itself
How big is the a township square? 36 square miles (government survey method)
What is a special district? A way to provide a single service when it comes to financing/budgeting. Allowed under special review
What was the event "Listening to the City?" 5,000 New Yorkers gathered in Manhattan to participate in a modern town meeting (July 2, 2002)
Who wrote "Modern Housing" Catherine Bauer, in 1934
What are revenue bonds? Bonds that are often sold for projects that will produce revenue
What are some of the advantages of subdivision regulations? Control the process for subdividing, ensure developers design in the correct manner, preservation of land records
What is a standard that deals with both air and water quality? Ambient
What is the variance? Measure of dispersion around the mean
What is a tributary? Stream, or other body of water, that intermittently contributes water in small quanities to a larger stream or body of water
What is effluent? Discharge of pollutants into the environment
What does this case address: Suitum v Tahoe Regional Planning Agency? Takings. 1997
For an efficient home heating system, what level of insulation should be used for exterior walls (on average)? R-11 to R-28
What are components of zero-based budgeting? Budget broken into decision packages; budget starts from scratch; decision packages tied to long-range plan
What is "descriptive statistics?" Statistical method used when you have information on the entire population
What is a marsh? Type of wetland that does not accumulate appreciable peat deposits and is dominated by herbaceous vegetation
What percent of costs might a programmable thermostat save? 20 percent
What percent of costs might be saved by closing air conditioning vents in an unoccupied room? 5 to 10 percent
What federal legislation was passed in 1972? Water Pollution Act, Coastal Zone Management Act
Where was the first regional planning commission located? Los Angeles, 1922
What is the CCA? Community Character Act
PSD standards deal with regulations to prevent what? Significant deterioration of high quality airsheds
What is the oldest type of legal description? Metes and bounds
What does the Indian Reorganization Act do? Decrease federal control of tribes; increase tribal self government; encourage written constitutions; provide power to manage own affairs; establish revolving credit fund
Created by: AICPstudy