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Acronyms for NIC

Acronyms for NIC Written.

AADB American Association of Deaf Blind
ACCI America Consortium of Certified Intepreters
ACET Associate Continuing Education Tracking
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AGBAD Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf
ALDA Association of Late Deafened Adults
ASL American Sign Language
ASLTA American Sign Language Teachers Association
AVLIC Association of the Visual Language Interpreters of Canada
CASE Conceptually Accurate Signed English
CC Certification Council
CDI Certified Deaf Interpreter
CDI-P Certified Deaf Interpreter - Provisional
CEASD Conference for Executives and Administrators of Schools for the Deaf
CI Certificate of Interpreting
CMP Certification Matainance Program
CODA Child of a Deaf Adult
CPC Code of Professional Conduct
CSC Comprehensive Skills Certificate
CT Certificate of Transliterating
DOE Department of Education
DPN Deaf President Now
EdITOR Educational Interpreters and Transliterators
EIPA Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment
EPC Ethical Practices Committee
EPS Ethical Practices System
ESSE Education Sign Skill Evaluation (givien by the SEE2 people)
FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education
FCC Federal Communications Commission
HLSS Hearing Loss Association of America aka SHHH
HVO High Visual Orientation
IC Interpreting Certificate
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP Individual Education Plan
IFSP Individual Family Service Plan
ITP Interpreter Training Program
LOVE Linguistics of Visual English
LRE Least Restrictive Environment
LSQ La Langue de Signes Qubecoise
LTA Local Test Administrators
MCE Manually Coded English
MCSC Masters Comprehensive Skills Certificate
NAD National Association of the Deaf
NERDA Not Even Related to a Deaf Adult
NIC National Interpreter Certification
NMM Non-Manual Markers
NTID National Techinal Institute of the Deaf
OIC Oral Interpreting Certificate
OTC Oral Transliteration Certificate
PDC Professional Development Committee
PSE Pidgin Sign Language
QA Quality Assurance
RID Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
RSI Repeative Strain Injury
SC:L Special Certification: Legal
SEE Signing Exact English
SHHH Self Help for Hard of Hearing aka HLAA
SIG Special Interest Group
SODA Sibiling of a Deaf Adult
SPP Standard Practice Papers
SSP Sighted Support Personnel
SSS Sign Supported Speech
TC Transliteration Certificate
TRS Telecommunication Relay Service
VIEWS Newsletter received by RID members
VR Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab)
VRI Video Relay Interpreting
VRS Video Relay Service
WASLI World Association of Sign Language Interpreters
WFD World Federation of the Deaf
Created by: Swtstems
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