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Chester Math Review

It measures less than 90 degrees and more than 0 degrees acute angle
A triangle with 3 acute angles acute triangle
It measures more than 90 degrees obtuse angle
A triangle with an angle measuring more than 90 degrees obtuse triangle
A triangle with all sides are the same length equilateral triangle
A triangle with 2 congruent sides isosceles triangle
A triangle where none of the sides are equal scalene triangle
add two of these together to get the sum addends
the number of unit squares needed to cover a flat surface or (length x width) area
an arrangement of objects in rows and columns array
(13 + 3) + 7 = (7+3) +13 is an example of Associative Property
An organized plan for spending money budget
The amount a container can hold capacity
100 centimeters equals 1 meter
1000 meters equals 1 kilometer
10 millimeters equals 1 centimeter
1000 milliliters equals 1 liter
1000 milligrams equals 1 gram
1000 grams equals 1 kilogram
1000 liters equals 1kiloliter
21 x 45 + 45 x 21 is an example of Commutative Property
a number having more than 2 factors composite number
a number having only itself and 1 as a factor prime number
numbers that are easy to work with mentally compatible numbers
this type of shape has only length and width 2 dimensional object
this type of shape has length, width , and height 3 dimensional object
a cup is 8 ounces
a pint is 16 ounces
a quart is 32 ounces
a gallon is 4 quarts
a common multiple of two or more denominators common denominator
a unit for measuring temperature and angles degree
the bottom number of a fraction denominator
the top number of a fraction numerator
answer to a subtraction problem difference
15 x 32 = 32 x 10 + 32 x 5 is an example of Distributive Property
the number that is divided in a division problem dividend
the answer in a division problem quotient
2/3 and 6/9 are equivalent fractions
1000 + 200 + 10 + 3 is written in expanded form
one thousand two hundred thirteen is written in word form
1213 is written in standard form
expenses than occur regularly and the amount does not change fixed expense
1 foot is 12 inches
1 yard is 36 inches
the number of times something occurs or happens frequency
a polygon with 6 sides hexagon
horizontal in the direction left to right
16 + 0 or 72 x 1 is an example of Identity Property
lines that cross each other intersecting lines
operations that undo each other like 6 x 8 = 48 and 48 divided by 6 = 8 Inverse operation
we use liters to measure liquid volume
one mile is 5,280 feet
the period after thousands millions
the period after the hundreds thousands
a whole number and a fraction make a mixed number
a polygon with 8 sides octagon
a quadrilateral where opposite sides are parallel and of equal length parallogram
a polygon with 5 sides pentagon
two lines that intersect in way that forms 4 right angles perpendicular lines
the distance around a figure perimeter
the answer to a multiplication problem product
you multiply these together to get a product factors
a tool used to measure the sides of an angle protractor
a polygon with 4 sides and 4 angles quadrilateral
a quarter hour 15 minutes
this kind of polygon has no sides the same length irregular polygon
a polygon were all the sides are the same length regular polygon
a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides and 4 sides of equal length rhombus
an angle that forms a square corner right angle
a triangle with one right angle a right triangle
to reduce a fraction is to find its simplest form
2000 pounds is one ton
a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel lines trapezoid
a polygon with 3 sides triangle
an expense where the amount changes variable expense
the point where 2 lines meet vertex
a line that goes straight up and down vertical line
anytime you multiply a number by this it is the hero zero
when you find how likely something is to happen you are figuring probability
the metric scale for temperature Celsius
the customary scale for temperature Fahrenheit
having the same size and shape congruent
the flat surface of a solid face
income before any taxes are taken out gross income
not equal to inequality
money earned income
money held out of income paid to government income tax
the point where the two axis of a coordinate plane meet (0,0) origin
the axis across the bottom of a coordinate plane x axis
the axis on the side of a coordinate plane y axis
a set of numbers used to locate a point on a grid ordered pairs
parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division , addition, subtraction PEMDAS, or the order calculations are supposed to be done
the amount of money left after all expenses have been paid when something is sold profit
tax paid on things owned property tax
the difference between the largest and the smallest number in a group range
the number that occurs the most often mode
the number that is in the middle median
Created by: kemberlian
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