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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
AICP sample test q's From sample test Standardized Tests 2019-08-13 AICPstudy 68 22 edit
AICP-Legal, History AICP Legal Precedent, Historical Figures, Population Estimation Etc. Standardized Tests 2019-03-14 AICPAICP 205 37 edit
2009 AICP Ethics Questions on the AICP Code of Ethics Standardized Tests 2019-03-20 michaeleschuler 33 33 edit
AICP Case Law AICP Certification Case Law and Legal Basis for Planning Geography 2019-01-22 Joseph.w.baker 29 54 edit
AICP Exam study for exam Standardized Tests 2019-09-18 gmcmillan 68 54 edit
AICP - AICP Exam 2011 Standardized Tests 2019-10-05 juliestein 262 49 edit
AICP Planning Law 4 Landmark Cases 1950 - 1976 U.S. History 2018-02-12 kathie_we 22 25 edit
AICP Plan Making AICP Plan Making Standardized Tests 2019-10-07 rpalladino 118 76 edit
AICP Planng History3 Planning History during the 1920s. U.S. History 2018-05-07 kathie_we 20 36 edit
AICP Planng History1 Early history of planning. Reviews events up to 1899. U.S. History 2019-02-12 kathie_we 29 20 edit
AICP - Demographics US Census Facts and more for 2008 AICP Exam Geography 2016-08-24 lokamura 20 29 edit
AICP PLanning Law 6 Planning History 1976 - 2002 U.S. History 2016-09-08 kathie_we 8 11 edit
AICP Exam Misc 2011 Miscallaneous questions for the AICP Exam 2011 Geography 2019-08-13 17113042 16 21 edit
AICP Planng Mgmt Planning management practices U.S. History 2018-05-07 kathie_we 23 29 edit

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