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New Testament History Final

Describe Peter
Describe John
Who are the key people in churches in Revelation? Jason, Aristarchus, Gaius, Demas, Secundus
Describe the seven churches mentioned in Revelation.
What does Paul inform the Thessalonians of in 2 Thessalonians? -False statement that Christ had already come -Correct information about himself and his associates -Practicle ways to live the Christian life
Who was the city of Thessalonica named after? Alexander's sister
What political role did Thessalonica play? Free but under Roman rule
According to Acts 17, what happened to Paul as he entered Thessalonica?
What is Paul's distinuishing mark? The way he writes, he tells them it is his own hand
What are the characteristics of the man of lawlessness? -Counterfit miracles -Signs and wonders -Every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing
What does Paul say about the Second Coming? Jesus will come down with a loud command
What does Paul say about the Jews? They persecute Christians
When did Paul write the letter? (1, 2 Thessalonians) AD 50
Where was Paul when he wrote the letter and who did he send to Thessalonica? He was in Corinth and he sent it to Timothy
What are the other two names mentioned in the letter as cohorts of Paul?
What does Paul command the Thessalonians in short pity statements? -Be joyful -Pray continually -Give thanks -Test everything -Hold onto good -Avoid evil
What is the shape of the city of Philippi and what road ran through it? Shape: Rectangle Road: Via Egnatia
What region was Philippi in? Masedonia
Who were the primary inhabitants of Philippi? Retired Army Men
Who was the city of Philippi named after? Alexander the Great's father
Who did the Philippians send to Paul and what happened to him? They send Epaphroditus and he gets sick
Where was Paul when he wrote Philippians? Jail/House arrest in Rome
What happened in Acts 16 when Paul was in Philippi? Placed in prison
What are the four acts of humility in chapter 4 of Philippians? -Christ -Paul -Timothy -Epaphroditus
What is the statement on the incarnation of Christ from Philippians?
What are the key verse and chapter on Philippians? Verse: 3:14 Chapter: 2
What year did Paul write Philippians? AD 60-60 (early 60s)
Who was the first convert and why were the Jews outside the city of Philippi? Lydia was the first convert. They were outside because there was no synagogue.
How many men were needed for the synagogue to be established in Philippi? 10
What are the problems that Paul is addressing in the letter to the Philippians? -Not to be afraid when persecuted, but to rejoice -2 female leaders -Forgiveness of wrong doing
Who are Philemon and Onesiumus? Philemon: Slave master Onesimus: Slave
What does the book say about slaves? They should be treated like brothers of Christ
Where is Paul when he write Philippians? In jail
Not including 1,2 Timothy, what are the 5 letters where Paul inclludes Timothy in the greeting? -Philippians -Colossians -Philemon -1,2 Thessalonians
Who was Timothy and how did he become part of Paul's team? Timothy had a Greek father and a Jewish/Christian mother, he was a close companion of Paul's
Where Timothy and Titus circumcised? Timothy: Yes Titus: No
Where is Titus mentioned and where did he pastor? He is mentioned 12 times in Paul's letters and pastors in Crete
What is Crete well known for? Moral Faults
What are the 4 major objections to Paul writing the Pastoral Epistles? -Doctrinal -Eclesiastical -Historical -Linguistic
When did Paul write 1,2 Timothy? 1st: AD 65/66 2nd: AD 67/68
Where was Paul when he wrote 1,2 Timothy and Titus? 1st: Macedonia 2nd: In prison in Rome Titus:
Where was Timothy pastoring? Ephesus
What are the problems Paul adresses in the Pastoral Epistles? False Teachers
What are the qualifications of the Overseer? -Above reproach -Husband of 1 wife -Temprate -Self-controlled -Respectable -Hospitable -Able to teach
What does Paul mean when he tell women to "be quiet?" To act respectably in the larger community and not to talk gossip
What is pseudoepigraphy and Pseudonymity? Pseudoepigraphy: student who wrote under the name of a teacher Pseudonymity: false name
What prevented Paul from going to Thessalonica? They wanted to hurt him
Who is the most likely candidate Paul used as an amanuesis to write the Pastorals? Luke
What charges does Paul give Timothy? Persue righteousness and keep up the good work
What health problem did Timothy suffer from? Stomach issues
What are the 4 reasons that James could have written before AD 50? -Strong Jewish orientation -No mention of Judiazers -Simple church order -Greek term for synagogue
Who is James and what role did he play in the churches? James is the half brother of Christ and he is a key leader in the Jerusalem church and in the Jerusalem council
To whom was the letter of James written? To the 12 scattered tribes
What makes this letter to Jews primarily and not to Gentiles? -12 tribes -Royal law -Synagogues -Lord of Sabbath
What kind of letter is James? Wisdom literature
What were the key problems that James was trying to resolve? -Persecution -Superficial formality -Discrimination
What similarities does James have with the Greco-Roman philosophical ethics of the day? Virtue leading to joy and virtue being shown through testing
What similarities does James have with Jewish moral writings? -Dynamic -Used doctrine
What does James say about trials and temptations, faith and deeds, and the tongue? Testing and trials better faith and testing produces endurance. Tongue is evil, can steer the entire life of a person.
What does James say about justification by works? Works help show faith through deeds and works help others inquire about faith
Who are the likely candidates who may have written Hebrews? -Barnabas -Apollos -Perscilla -Paul -Luke
What are the characteristics of the Hebrew letter?
Who are the recipients of Hebrews? Jews influenced by Greeks
What are the Jewish and Gentile elements of Hebrews? Jewish: tabernacle, priests, sacrifices, and covenant Gentile: Elementary teachings, faith in God, baptism, resurrection
How does the author use persuasion through rhetoric and how does he use patron client convention? Persuasion: Catch words Patron Client: uses the relationship as an on going example
What are the 5 warning in this letter? -Danger of neglect -Unbelief -Not maturing -Shrinking back -Refusing God
Where is the Hall of Faith? Hebrews 11
Who is mentioned in Hebrews 13? Timothy
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