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Christian Heritage

Religion, Christian Heritage Class, Baylor University, Rel 1350

Started The Methodist Movement Wesley
Pentecostalism Includes speaking in tongues, Barking like a dog, rolling on ground and dancing, etc.
Start of Puritan Movement England
Founded Providence Roger Williams
800 CE Pope Leo III
1305 CE Pope Clement V
1305-1377 CE The "Avignon Papacy" - Were all the popes from france resided in Avignon France instead of Rome
1377 CE Catherine of Siena ends the Avignon Papacy
1409 CE The Council of Pisa
1414 CE The Council of Constance
1440 CE The Printing Press Led To A Massive Spread
1453 CE Constantinople fell within a 6 week period to the Ottoman Empire
1492 CE Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue
Oct 31, 1517 CE The 95 Thesis
1520 CE Leo X’s Exsurge Domine - Book that Details Luthers Heresy
1521 CE The Diet of Worms - Tried Luther as a Heretic
Oct 11, 1531 CE The Peace of Kappal - 3500 Poorly Defended People Try To Hold Off the Surprise of the Catholic Army Siege.
1534 CE Henry VIII Splits from Catholic church To Annul A Marriage
1559 & 1560 CE Last Subsequent Editions of John Calvin's "The Institutes of the Christian Religion"
1610 CE The Remonstrance - Five Articles
1618 CE Ferdinand II and the “Defenestration of Prague”
1618-1619 CE The Synod of Dort -The purpose of the Synod was to settle the controversy over Arminianism
1630-1640 CE The Great Migration
1648 CE Peace of Westphalia - Guaranteed the freedom of religion if it was Catholic, Reformed, or Protestant
1675 CE Pia Desideria
1685 CE Edict of Fontainebleau - Revoked the Huguenots Right to Practice Their Religion
1730’s – 1740’s CE The First Great Awakening
May 24, 1738 CE Wesley’s “Conversion” Moment
1781 CE Critique of Pure Reason
1787 CE Edict Of Versailles - Re-granted freedom or Religion
1800-1850’s CE The Second Great Awakening
1908 CE The Church of The Nazarene - Non-Denomination
1914 CE Foundation of the Assembly's of God Church
The “Babylonian Captivity” / “Avignon Papacy” French Popes stayed in Avignon rather than Rome
The Western Schism Avignon Papacy led to Three Popes
Absenteeism, Simony, & Nepotism Absenteeism - Cardinals had Diocese to serve but were absent for councils Simony - The Sale of Church Offices Nepotism - Positions of Power were Given to ones Family
The Theologians of Paris & the 3 Solutions • Both popes resign • Hire a mediator between the two popes • Call ecumenical council to solve problem
The Council of Pisa Limits Preaching to Chapels, Basically bans and Condemns Wycliffe's Writings and Makes Huss unable to preach
The Council of Constance Huss goes to the Council that Condemned him as a heretic. He asks them to prove he is, and they cant but murder him anyway.
Catherine of Siena Vision of her Married to Jesus Vision of her need to heal Public and the Western Schism Ends Avignon Papacy
John Wycliffe & the Lollards Oxford - known for Unflinching Logic. Authority should come from the Leader serving the People Scripture is property of the church 12 Conclusions are Precursor to 95 Thesis Body and Blood/ Bread and Wine
John Huss & the Hussites Preached at Chapel in Bethlehem Taught Transubstantiation Look to Council of Pisa and Constance
Context: The Church in a Changing World
Fredrick the Wise Saves Luther from Diet of Worms Looks like a Kidnapping, but really saving his life by keeping him in the Princes Castle He Begins Translating the German Bible
The Peasants Revolt 100 Thousand peasants stand up to write “Biblically Based” Demands. Peasants are slaughtered and the prince blames Luther for their revolt
Benedict XI Death was Start of Avignon Papacy, Neither Faction (Italian or French) Liked Him. He Was Poisoned.
Benedict XIII Benedict calls his own council during Council of Pisa. He Is Declared an Anti-Pope. He Flees to Spain during Council of Constance
Clement V The French King Crowns Him instead of A Pope Crowning The King. Twist of Power
Gregory XII Gregory Calls his Own Council during Pisa. He is Declared Anti-Pope. He Resigns.
Urban V First to Return to Rome During Avignon, But Went back to France.
Alexander V Pope that was Elected During Council of Pisa. Dies Shortly After.
Gregory XI Returned The Papacy To Rome after Catherine of Siena Calls for Him to Return. Ends Avignon Papacy
John XXII Developed an Elaborate system of Taxes to tax Italy and money went into Phillip of France
Urban VI He was a Hypocrite, Wanted To Reform (Absenteeism, Nepotism, and Simony) Was hard on the Cardinals. Mob was outside Conclave of Voting, Influenced the Cardinals to Elect an Italian Pope.
Leo X Exsurge Domine - Book that Detailed Luthers Heresy
Francis I of France Persecuted Protestants. France
Emperor Charles V Emperor Charles V presides over Diet of Worms, orders Luther to Recant. Catholic in opposition to Lutheranism. Germany
King Henry VIII England. Started the Anglican Church to Annul a Marriage
Lutheran Started as Followers of Luther. "Sacrificial Union" "Consubstanciation" Believes in Distinctive Theology Started in Germany
Presbyterian / Reformed Calvin - Switzerland
Anabaptist Zwingli - Switzerland Belief in Re-baptism Prosecuted By Both
Mennonite Didn't Believe in Infant Baptism, Offshoot of Anabaptists
Anglican / Episcopalian Henry VIII - Started For Marriage Annulment
Methodist Wesley Started Movement Boosted by 1st Great Awakening Named for Methodical way of Life
Baptist Biblical Authority-Bible is Authority Autonomy of the Local Church-No Hierarchy Priesthood of the Believer Two Ordinances-Baptism and Communion Individual Soul Liberty-Understandings of God Separation of Church and State Two Offices-Pastor and Dea
Pentacostal Speak in Tongues, Bark Like Dogs, ROFL
Nazarene Church of Non-Denomination "Holiness Church"
7th Day Adventist Saturday. Second Coming, Guessed Already Once 1844
Salvation Army Functioned as FEMA
Mormon Mob Killed Joseph Smith Who was the first mormon to Run For President, and Founder of Mormonism. Believed in Tablets and "Seer Stones" To read them and translate them.
The Collapse of 3 Ancient Ideals 1) Single Church with Pope as Head 2) Unity Via the Empire 3) Hope for Papal Reform
The 30 Years War Germany - The Defenestration of Prague Catholics and Lutherans
The Huguenots
The Puritans
The Diet Of Worms
The Diet Of Nuremberg
The Diet Of Augsburg
The Diet Of Spire I
The Diet Of Spire II
Jacobus Arminius & the “Remonstrants”
The Canons of Dort vs. Arminianism
The 3 Kinds of Church Polity
Perspectives on the Eucharist
Rene Descartes
John Locke
David Hume
Immanuel Kant
Wesley’s Entire Sanctification
“Second Blessing Sanctification”
Charles Parham & William J. Seymour
Created by: 724404761
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