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Sacrament an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace
Matter the physical part of the sacrament
Form the spiritual part of the sacrament
Virtue moral excellence
Original Grace given to Adam and Eve by God to never be sick, sad or die.
Original Sin Adam and Eve broke God's only rule, to eat the fruit, and caused us to be sick, sad, and die.
Priest sacrifice and worship
Prophet teach and evangelize
King lead by serving
Chrism Holy Oil
Divine Filiation the condition of being a child of God
Communion of Saints you are in union with all of the saints in Heaven, on Earth, in Purgatory, as well as all Holy things.
Eucharist Thanksgiving
Consecration the prayer the priest prays over the bread and wine
Transubstantiation the change of substance or the change of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ
Species after Jesus becomes "substantially" present in the bread and wine, the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ except by appearances
Liturgy public worship of the Eucharist
Tabernacle at the end of every mass, the blessed sacrament is reserved in this sacred place- usually a golden box found in every Catholic church
Penance sorrow for a sin
Confession telling sins to a priest
Reconciliation bring together
Forgiveness God forgets sins
Healing restores soul
Mortal Sin big sin, know the action is a sin but do it anyways
Venial Sin lesser sins, do not intend to sin or freely consent to sin
Perfect Contrition when you are sorry for your sins with all your heart, because they offend God and hurt others
Imperfect Contrition when you are sorry for your sins because you fear the punishment for your sins - and if it is a mortal sin, you fear going to Hell
Covenant a binding agreement: a formal sealed agreement or contract
Free not controlled by obligation or the will of another
Knowledgeable having understanding
Consent to agree
Indissoluble Unity cannot dissolve the relationship between people
Episcopate Bishop
Presbytrate Priest
Diaconate Deacons
Apostolic Succession the unbroken succession of Bishops going back to the Apostles
Vicar of Christ the visible representative of Christ in earth
Ordinary Infallibility when the Bishops and Priests around the world uphold the Catholic faith in Union with the Pope
Extraordinary Infallibility when the Pope, with advisement of all the divine teachings of the Church based on faith and morals
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