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Nt St Paul Jeffand14

1. Stoning of Stephen According to Acts, what important event in early church history did Paul witness and approve of during his first recorded visit to Jerusalem?
2. Tarsus Where does Acts of the Apostles suggest that Paul was born?
3. Pharisees Which sect of Judaism was Paul a member of, before his encounter with the risen Christ?
4. 1 Thessalonians Which of the letters of Paul in the NT was probably written first?
5. 50-64 AD When were all of Paul's undisputed letters probably composed?
6. Thirteen How many of the letters in the N.T. attributed to Paul actually mention him by name in the in text of the letter itself?
7. Seven How many of the letters of Paul in the New Testament are believed by scholars to actually have been written by Paul?
8. Benjamin According to his undisputed letters, of what tribe was Paul a member?
9. Hebrews Which New Testament letter has long been associated with Paul, even though it never mentions his name?
10. Occasional literature What do we call Paul's letters that were written for a specific time, place, and purpose?
11. Acts of the Apostles Which New Testament book is considered a useful source of information about the life of Paul?
12. Captivity What name do we give to these letters of Paul: Philippians, Colossian, and Ephesians?
13. Nero According to Eusebius, Paul died during whose reign?
14. Beheaded How did Paul die?
15. Murdered them What did Paul do to Christians before he meant the risen Christ?
16. Saul What was Paul’s name before he meant the risen Christ?
17. Tentmaker According to Acts of the Apostles, what was Paul’s occupation while preaching the gospel?
18. Honor Boasting in the ancient world was seen as essential to preserving what?
19. Paul Because of his New Testament writings, who is considered to be the most important man in the N.T. after Jesus?
20. John Acts of the Apostles follows which Book in the New Testament?
21. Luke Acts of the Apostles is the continuation or second part of what gospel?
22. Damascus Where was Paul going when he was knocked off his horse in an encounter with the Risen Christ?
23. Mark Who was Paul’s travelling companion for Peter and Paul?
24. Sight What physical handicap did Paul suffer when he had his first encounter with the Risen Christ?
Created by: jeffand14



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