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SW asia geography

what is crude oil? petroleum that has not been processed
what is mecca? holiest city of islam in scandinavia arabia where people make pilgramages to fulfill islamic religious duty
what are dardanelles and bosporus straights they are both desirable rivers for trading and transporting goods to russia and the interior of asia
what is desalinization? the removal of salt from the ocean water and jordan river
what is the dead sea? a landlock sea filled w/salt between isreal
what is drip irrigation? the practice of pipworks that slowly drip water above ground for crops
what is the euphrates river? river supported several ancient civilizations and flows through waters of turkey,syria,iraq and cities into the persian gulf
what are the five pillers and what are they? the basic duties of islam/ faith,charity,fasting,pray 5 times,pilgramage
who are the kurds? people who been involved in clashes w/ tturkey,iraq,iran
what is golan heights? a hilly plateu overlooking the jordan river and sea of galilee
who was muhammad? the founder and prophat of islam
what is an oasis? a place for an underground aquifer
what is OPEC? an organization petrolium exporting countries a group established in 1960
what is palestine liberation organization? a group formed in 1960 to regain arab land in isreal for palestine
what is a refinery? a place where crude oil is converted into useful products
what is Rub Al-Khali? largest desert in the world
what is a stateless nation? nation of people that does not have territory to legally occupy
what is strategic commodity? a resource so important that nations will go to war to insure a steady supply
what is the suez canal? goods of asia flow through this canal to ports in europe and north afriaca
what is the west bank? a strip of land on the west side of the jordan river
what is zionism? a movement that began in the 19th century to create and support jewish homeland in palestine
what do the palestinians want in order to end the conflict with isreal over the control of jerusalem? the full right of refugees to returnto their lands and homes in accordance w/ resolution 194 and that their people will never concede one inch from jerusilem and islamic and christian holy sites
what ethnic group considers they are a stateless nation? the kurds
Created by: txconnj
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