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Political Geography


Microstate A state or territory that is small in both size and population. Ex Singapore
Sovereignty Ability of a state to govern its territory free from control of its internal affairs by other states.
Multi-national state State that contains two or more ethnic groups with traditions of self-determination that agree to coexist peacefully by recognizing each other as distinct nationalities.
Multiethnic State State that contains more than one ethnicity
State An area organized into a political unit and ruled by an established government with control over its internal and foreign affairs. EXAMPLE: A COUNTRY A state has Permanent population, defined borders, a sovereign government, and recognition from other states.
Self-determination The concept that ethnicities have the right to govern themselves
Nation State A state whose territory corresponds to that occupied by a particular ethnicity. (Example Iceland and Japan)
Nationality Identity with a group of people that share legal attachment and personal allegiance to a particular place.
Nationalism A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one's country
Ethnicity Identity with a group of people who share the cultural tradition of a particular homeland.
Colonialism The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically. Example: The Berlin Conference encouraged colonialism in Africa. (GO INTO A COUNTRY)
Imperialism A policy in which a strong state seeks to dominate other countries politically, socially, and economically. (THE IDEA OF..... mostly from afar.)
Decolonization The action of changing from colonial rule to independent status. Think India.
Neocolonialism control by more powerful countries over developing countries or LDCs is exerted through indirect means such as economic, political or cultural power.
Shatter belt an area of instability between regions with opposing political and cultural values (example Israel or Kashmir today, Eastern Europe during the Cold war. Korea during Vietnam.
Geo Politics The study of the effects of geography on politics and relations among states/countries
Territoriality A willingness by one person or a group of people to defend space they claim. People express their territoriality when they influence others or shape events by asserting control over a space.
semi-autonomous Region have a MODERATE degree of self-government and freedom to govern themselves. Example Hong Kong, Macau
Nations Cultural entities, meaning that they are made up of individuals who have forged a common identity through a shared language, religion, ethnicity, or heritage. Often all four of these. Some define a nation as including a reasonably large population, while others argue that the size of the population does not matter.
Stateless nation People united by culture, language, history and tradition but not possessing a state. Examples, Kurds/Palestinians. Usually a minority group with no political power.
Choke points a strategic, narrow waterway between two large bodies of water. It is a strategic strait or canal which could be closed or blocked to stop sea traffic especially oil. This type of aggression could cause an international incident. (Strait of Hurmuz)
Multi-State nation a nation or cultural group that is divided across two or more state borders.
Forward capital A capital city placed in a remote or peripheral area for economic, strategic, or symbolic reasons, usually to develop the interior of the country. Brazil commissioned a purpose-built and centrally located city, Brasilia, to replace Rio de Janeiro as capital in the 1950s.
Independence Movement effort by people to create a new sovereign state in a place inside of another state (devolution failed) We will learn about devolution latter on! Examples Catalonia in Spain.
Autonomous regions Regions that have a HIGH degree of self-government and freedom to govern themselves. Example Native American Reservations
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