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Ancient India - 6

_protected the city from floods and enemy attacks Citadel
The Harrapans created a _____ to kept the city clean. Sewer System
Mohenjo- Daro had ____people living in the city. 40,000
Harappan homes were made of _______. Brick
Harappans traded with ___which was 1,000 miles away. Iraq
__ people from central Asia and Russia crossed the Hindu Kush mountains through the Khyber Pass and came into the Indus Valley. Aryan
the cycle of birth, death & rebirth reincarnation
A man who devotes his life to a religious group monk
a force caused by a person’s good & bad acts which affects future lives karma
the laws & duties of a Hindu person’s caste dharma
Founder of the religion of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama
Name of the Hindu Spring Festival Holi
Name of the Hindu New Year Divali
The Hindu “Books of Knowledge” are called the ____. Vedas
The laws and duties of a Hindu’s caste are called ___. dharma
A way of organizing people into hundreds of different levels is called the __. caste system
Hindu who does not follow the dharma of his/her caste would be reincarnated into ___ in his/her next life. a lower caste
A Hindu who lives a good life and follows the dharma of his/her caste would be reincarnated into ___ in his/her next life. a higher caste
The priests are the highest class and come from which part of God’s body___? mouth
Vishnu, Devi, Ganesha and Shiva are examples of Hindu ___. gods/goddesses
The "Buddha” means ___. Awakened One
During Buddha’s discoveries in the garden he saw ___. An old man, a sick man & a dead man
The Eightfold Path represents the ____ of living for Buddhists Middle Way
“Life is filled with suffering” is part of the __. Four Noble Truths
The Indus River begins in the Himalayas
India is considered a ___________________ because it is geographically separated from the rest of the continent. subcontinent
The Indus Plain is described as ____________________ before the important silt is spread throughout the plain to enable farming. dry and desert like
___make the Indus River swell and overflow its banks. melting snow
Ancient Indus Valley farmers built____ to hold back the flood waters. walls
The Indus River flows through 3 countries ? India, China, and Pakistan
True or False- The Indus River brings water and silt that makes farming possible. True
True or False- Farmers began planting crops in the Indus Valley 1, 000 years before farming began in Egypt True
True or False- Wildlife helped crops in the Indus valley because they were able to germinate plants. False
True or False-Farmers built irrigation canals to bring water from the river to their crops. True
Created by: kweber