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MedTerm Quiz 13

Chapter 9 Urinary System

azot/o nitrogenous waste
bacteri/o bacteria
cyst/o urinary bladder
glycos/o sugar, glucose
keton/o ketones
lith/o stones
meat/o meatus
nephr/o kidney
noct/i night
olig/o scanty
pyel/o renal pelvis
ren/o kidney
ur/o urine
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
-lith stone
-lithiasis condition of stones
-ptosis drooping
-tripsy surgical crushing
-uria condition of the urine
cystalgia bladder pain
cystectomy removal of the bladder
cystogram record of the bladder
cystic pertaining to the bladder
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
cystolith bladder stone
cystostomy create an opening into the bladder
cystotomy incision into the bladder
cystopexy surgical fixation of the bladder
cystoplasty surgical repair of the bladder
cystorrhagia rapid bleeding from the bladder
cystoscope instrument to visually examine the bladder
lithrotripsy surgical crushing of stone
lithotomy incision to remove the stone
nephrectomy removal of a kidney
nephrogram x-ray of the kidney
nephritis kidney inflammation
nephrolith kidney stone
nephrologist kidney specialist
nephromalacia softening of the kidney
nephromegaly enlarged kidney
nephroma kidney tumor
nephrosis abnormal kidney condition
nephroptosis drooping kidney
nephrostomy create a new opening into the kidney
nephrotomy incision into a kidney
nephropathy kidney disease
nephropexy surgical fixation of kidney
nephrolithiasis condition of kidney stones
nephrosclerosis hardening of the kidney
pyelogram x-ray of the renal pelvis
pyelitis renal pelvis inflammation
pyeloplasty surgical repair of the renal pelvis
renal pertaining to the kidney
urologist specialist in urine
uremia accumulation of waste products (nitrogenous wastes) in the bloodstream
ureteral pertaining to the ureter
ureterectasis ureter dilation
ureterolith ureter stone
ureterostenosis narrowing of a ureter
uretheral pertaining to the urethra
urethralgia urethra pain
urethritis urethra inflammation
urethrorrhagia rapid bleeding from the urethra
urethroscope instrument to visually examine the urethra
urethrostenosis narrowing of the urethra
urinary pertaining to the urine
anuria condition of no urine
bacteriuria bacteria in the urine
dysuria difficult or painful urination
glycosuria sugar in the urine
hematuria blood in the urine
ketonuria ketones in the urine
nocturia frequent nighttime urination
oliguria scanty amount of urine
polyuria too much urine
proteinuria protein in the urine
pyuria condition of pus in the urine
anuria suppression o furine formed by the kidneys
azotemia accumulation of nitrogenous waste in the bloodstream
calculus stone formed with an organ
catheter flexible tube insterted into the body for the purpose of removing or inserting fluids
diuresis increased formation and secretion of urine
enuresis involuntary discharge of urine
nocturnal enuresis bed-wetting at night
frequency greater than normal occurence in the urge to urinate
hesitancy decrease in the force of the urine stream (symptom of blockage along the urethra)
nephrology branch of medicine that specializes in the treament and diagnosis of kidney diseases and disorders
renal colic pain caused by a kidney stone
nephrologist kidney specialist
stricture narrowing of a passageway in the urinary system
urgency feeling the need to urinate immediately
urinary incontinence involuntary release of urine
urology branch of medicine that treats and diagnoses the urinary system (and male reproductive system)
voiding urination
diabetic nephropathy accumulation of damage to the glomerulus capillaries due to chronic high blood sugars of diabetes mellitus
nephrolithiasis presence of calculi in the kidney. usually begins with the solidification of salts in the urine. (kidney stones)
nephroptosis downward displacement of the kidney out of its normal location; aka floating kidney
polycystic kidneys formation of multiple cysts within the kidney tissue. Results in the destruction of normal kidney tissue and uremia.
Renal failure inability of the kidneys to filter wastes from the blood resulting in uremia. May be acute or chronic. Typically results in dialysis.
cystocele hernia or protrusion of the urinary bladder into the wall of the vagina.
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Infection, usually from bacteria, of any organ of the urinary system
blood urea nitrogen (BUN) blood test to measure kidney function by the level of nitrogenous waste (urea) that is in the blood
Clean Catch specimen (CC) Urine sample obtained after cleaning off the urinary opening and catching/collecting a sample of urine midstream
urinalysis (UA) test that consists of physical, chemical and microscopic examination of urine
Urine Culture and Sensitivity (C&S) Attempt to grow bacteria on a culture medium in order to identify and determine which antibiotics it is sensitive to.
cystography process of instilling dye into the bladder to visualize the urinary bladder on x-ray
intravenous pyelogram (IVP) Injecting a contrast medium into the vein and then taking x-ray to visualize the renal pelvis.
kidneys ureters bladder (KUB) x-ray taken of the abdomen to visually examine the kidneys ureters and bladder (no dye)
cystoscopy visual examination of the urinary bladder using an instrument called a cystoscope
catheterization Insertion of a tube through the urethra and into the urinary bladder for purposes of withdrawing urine or inserting dye.
hemodialysis (HD) Use of artificial kidney machine that filters the blood.
lithotripsy destroying or crushing stones in the bladder or urethra
nephrolithotomy removal of stones from the kidney
diuretic medication to increase the volume of urine produced by the kidneys
BUN blood urea nitrogen
cath catheterization
Cl- chloride
C culture & sensitivity
cysto cystoscopy
GU genitourinary
H2O water
I intake and output
IVP intravenous pyelogram
K+ Potassium
KUB kidney, ureter, bladder
Na+ Sodium
U/A urinalysis
UTI urinary tract infection
Created by: lynette.thorpe