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dissociative disorde

psych nursing

types 1. psychogenic amnesia (dissociative amnesia) 2. psychogenic fugue (dissociative fufue) 3. Depersonalization disorder 4. Multiple personality disorder/dissociative indentity disorder
what are the underlying cxs of dissociative disorders? 1. anxiety 2. severe psychological trauma 3. overuse of defense mechanism of dissociatin
Are dissociative disorder pts aware of the condition? no
people who have the ability to dissociate are in simple terms doing what? creating diferent personalities or conditions to separate themselves from the source of emotional pain
what does psychogenic mean? from a psychological or emotional rooth instead of an organic (biological) one
4 types of dissociative disorders 1. psychogenic amnesia 2. psychogenic fugue 3. depersonalization disorder 4. multiple personality disorder
pshycogenic amnesia sudden inability to remember personal info r/t physical or emotionla trauma
usually seen in ____ teens and young women
symptoms wandering / confusion/ disorientation
what do these symptoms remind you of? dementia. But this is temporary.
psychogenic fugue more dramatic in symptoms: leave town, new identity for a while, no confusion or disorientation. SHORT LIVED
what triggers psychogenic fugue? ETHO and severe stress
tx therapy. great prognosis. Fast recovery and rare relapses
depersonalization disorder affect what population? <40
A&O x 3 or 4 but ... reality has changed
what do pt describe? floating / out of body / fear of going crazy
depersonalizayion disorder pts are at high risk for suicide
does depersonalization disorder happen by itself? no. it can happen w/ schizophrenia, personality disorders, and seizure disorders
multiple personality disorder dissociative identity disorder
explain MPD 2 or > personalities within the same body
possible characteristics of different personalities opposites / there is a primary one / diff ages and sexes/ diff medical dx / diff eye colors
what is the goal in tx takes years, but the goal is to put them all in one or as few as possible
meds for dissociative disorders antianxiety
Created by: luwetherrbee