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Chapter 16 GI TRACK

Gastrointestinal System

What is another name for the Gastrointestinal system? Digestive System
What does the organs of the Digestive System consist of? Oral Cavity (Mouth) - Stomach-Small Intestine-Large Intestine-Anus
What are the 3 major functions of the body? DIGESTION-ABSORPTION-EXCRETION
What is the Almentary Canal is responsible for?? For brining nutrients to the body, selecting what to absorb and reject.
What is the GOAL of the ALMENTARY Canal? To allow nutrients from food to be used as cellular ENERGY
How does food break down? First by MECHANICAL DIGESTION (chewing) and then SECOND by CHECMICAL DIGESTION (enzyme)
What are the 3 complex organic molecules found in foods? FATS-PROTIEN-CARBS
How does food move through the body? VIA Paraistalsis
T/F If the movement of food via paristalsis is interrferred, can it cause infection? TRUE
The stomach is high in HCL, what does HCL stand for? HYDROCHLORIC ACID
What is REFLUX mean? When backflow of stomach contents occurs
When reflux into the esophagus occurs, it can lead to what? ULCERS or MUCOSAL BREAK DOWN
Peristalsis moves ______ to the small instestine after it has mixed with stomach juices? CHYME
The small intestines breaks down the chyme into what? Carbs - Protiens and Fats
Where is the end product of digestion absorbed into the blood stream through ______ ? Mucous Membranes
The LARGE INTESTINES absorb _____ and _____? Water and Electrolytes
The LARGE INTESTINES eliminates _______ products? WASTE
What does MORALITY MEAN To Die
T/F Eating the wrong foods can cause gastric ulcers? True
What causes Gastric Ulcers? Helicobacter Pylori
T/F Antiemetics is used to treat motion sickness? True
Laxatives can cause Pregnancy Loss True
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