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vocab words

action a drug's chemical effects on body cells
administration how a drug is given
adverse reaction an unintended and undesirable effect of a drug
anatomy the study of structure of body parts
brand name licensed name under which a drug prepared by a specific manufacturer is sold
chemical name name that describes the chemical structure of a compound
contraceptives drugs used to control fertility and prevent pregnancy
contraindiactions conditions in which the use of a certain drug is dangerous or ill-advised
controlled substances potentially dangerous or habit-forming drugs whose sale and use are strictly regulated by law
Controlled Substances Act of 1990 law that regulates manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances AKA: Drug Abuse Prevention and COntrol Act
diagnostic drugs drugs used to diagnose disease
drug chemical substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of a disease; AKA medication
drug card index card on which you write drug information for your own reference
DEA since 1973, the only legal US drug enforcement agency
FDA enforcement agency for the FDCA
FDCA: Food, Drug, and Costmetic Act of 198 law that mandates that drug manufactureers test all drugs for potentially harmful effects and that drug labels must be complete
generic name official nonproprietary name assigne to a drug by the manufacturer, with the approval of the United States Adopted Names Council
health maintenance proces of developing a healthy lifestyle, keeping existing diseases under control, and getting regular check ups
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