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JB Root Review

Frequently used root works - Medical Terminolgy

acr- extremity, peak
aden- gland
aer- air
angi- vessel
arthr- joint
blephar- EYELID
carcin- cancer
cardi- heart
carp- wrist
caus- tail
cephal- head
cervic neck
cheil lip
cheir-, chir hand
chol- bile, gall
chondr cartlage
col- large intestine, colon
colp- vagina
cost- rib
crani- skull
cry- cold
crypt- hidden
cutan-, cut- skin
cyan- blue
cyst- bladder
dacry tear
dactyl- fingers toes
dent-, odont- tooth
derm-, dermat- skin
dextr- right
dips- thirst
dors- back
duct- carry
encephal- brain
enter- intestine
erg- work
eryth- red
esthe- sensation
febr- fever
flex bend
gastr stomach
gen produce
gingiv gums
gloss tongue
glyc-, gluc sugar
gnath- jaw
grav- heavy, pregnant
gynec- female
hem-, hemat- blood
hepat- liver
heter- different
hidr- perspiration
hist- tissue
home-, hom same
hydr-, hydra water
iatr, physician
irid- iris
is- equal
kerat- cornea
kin-, kinesi- move, movement
lacrim- tear
lact-, galact- milk
lapar- abdomen
laryng- larynx
later- side
leuk-, leus white
lingi- tongue
lip- fat
lith- stone
mamm-, mast breast
melan- black
men- monthly, menses
metr- uterus
morph- shape, form
my- muscle
myc- fungus
myel- marrow, spinal cord
myring- eardrum
nas- nose
necr- dead
nephr-, ren kidney
neur- nerve
noct-, nyct- night
null none
ocul eye
omphal- umbilicus
onych nail
oo- egg, ova
opthalm- eye
er- mouth
orchid- testes
orexia- appetite
orth- straight
oste-, oss- bone
ot-, aur- ear
para- to bear
path- disease
pect- chest
ped- child
phag- swallow, eat
pharmac- drug
pharyng- throat
phas- speak, say
phleb- vein
phon- voice
phren- diaphhram
pil, trich- hair
pneum- air breath
pneumon- lung
pod- foor
proct- rectum
pseud- false
psych- mind
pulmo(n) lung
py- pus
pyel- kidney pelvis
pyr- fire, fever
quadri- four
rhin- nose
fallopian tubes
sanguin- blood
scler- hard
sect- cut
sept- contamination
sial- saliva
sten- narrow, constricted
stomat- mouth
strict- draw tight
tax- order, arrange
ten- tendon
therm- heat
thorac- chest
thromb- clot
tox- poison
trache- windpipe
trachel- neck
traumat- wound
tri- three
trop- turn
troph- nurture, nutrition
ur- urine
vas- vessel
vert- turn
vesic- bladder
viscer- internal organs
vita- life
Created by: schxoxo