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CMS 7th SS Ch 18

Chamberlain Middle School 7th Grade SS Chapter 18

During the Middle Ages, power in Europe shifted from nobles to kings and popes.
All of the following were duties and powers of popes during the Middle Ages except forging treaties with religious leaders of other regions.
Medieval Christians feared excommunication because they believed that those cast out from the church would not get into heaven.
Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV disagreed about who should select bishops.
According to the compromise of 1122, which list is in order from most to least powerful? popes, kings, bishops, priests
Why were the Crusades fought? to gain control of Palestine, the Holy Land
What was the outcome of the Crusades? The Holy Land remained under Muslim control.
Which of the following occurred as a result of the Crusades? Trade between Europe and Asia increased.
How were classes at Europe’s first universities similar to classes today? Students had to take tests.
Which of the following best explains why Gothic cathedrals were symbols of Christian faith? They were towering and majestic.
Why did nobles make King John sign Magna Carta in 1215? They wanted to limit the king’s power.
The English did all of the following to protect their rights except abolish the monarchy.
In what way was England different from France after the Hundred Years’ War? The English king lost power while the French king gained power.
People caught the Black Death through contact with fleas.
From 1347 to 1351, the plague reduced Europe’s population by a third.
The main goal of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand was to make all of Spain Christian.
What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition? to punish and kill heretics and non-Christians in Spain
On which point did Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV agree? Bishops should be chosen by the leader whose power came from God.
In 1054, ____________________ excommunicated the bishop of Constantinople Pope Leo IX
People who belonged to religious orders but lived and worked among the general public were called ____________________. friars
The Canterbury Tales is about the ____________________ Canterbury. pilgrimage to
After the Magna Carta, the English tried to limit the king’s power over members of the ____________________. courts
During the Middle Ages, both Muslims and ____________________ faced ruthless persecution. Jews
Cast out from the church excommunicate
Power, right to rule authority
The first pope Saint Peter
The Holy Land Palestine
Latin for “marked with a cross” crusade
Brilliant leader of the Muslim forces Saladin
Crusader known for his courage King Richard I
Church officials clergy
Communities of nuns convents
People who hold religious ideas that oppose accepted church teachings heretics
They were untrained and poorly equipped, peasant Crusaders could not take Jerusalem
The Crusaders did not retake Jerusalem in the Second Crusade.
Crusaders attacked the city of Zara Because they were the rival of Florence
Crusaders were able to conquer the entire Holy Land During the First Crusade
Magna Carta is a Latin phrase meaning “Great Charter.”
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