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N Afr and Mid East

World's oldest agricultural community (culture hearth) located between Tigris and Euphrates River is present day Iraq Mesopotamia "Land between two rivers"
regs rocky pavement; like the Sahara
ergs sandy dunes
oasis place where underground water surfaces in a desert
dominant religion of the region Islam
dominant language of the region Arabic
3 things Judaism, Islam and Christianity have in common 1. monotheistic (beleive in 1 God) 2. originated in this region 3. lay claim to the holy city of Jerusalem
What part of the region is covered in desert? 50%
Where do 90% of Egyptians live? along the Nile River, on 3% of the land
What waterway separates the Arabian Peninsula from Africa? Red Sea
What waterway is a choke point for all of the world's oil, connecting the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea? STraits of Hormuz
What peninusula, controlled by Egypt, was taken by Israel in the 1960's but returned in 1977? Sinai Peninsula
What man-made waterway cuts through the Sinai Peninsula, and is a choke point for Europe's oil? Suez Canal
What is the large peninusula called that is the home to Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia? Arabian Peninsula
How do people make a living in the steppes (dry grasslands) and the deserts of North Africa? nomadic pastoralism (raising livestock)
What prevents alluvial soil from washing on the shores of the Nile River, but also controls flooding? Aswan High Dam
What affects population settlement patterns in the region? 1. WATER!!! 2. natural resources 3. climate
What 3 things are the Israelis and Palestinians fighting over today? 1. Water (ie. JOrdan River) 2. land (ie. Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza Strip) 3. religion and culture
What country did the UN partition in 1947 to create a homeland for the JEws? Palestine
Prior to 1947, who was a stateless nation? Jews or Palestinians? Jews
Today, what land do the Palestinians want to rule themselves? West Bank and Gaza Strip
Currently, how are the Jews taking more land from the Palestinians in the West BAnk? by building a wall around new Jewish settlements in the West Bank
What organization controls the major flow of oil around the World? OPEC- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Of the 3 world religions that originated in the area, which one is about 2000 years old and split from Judaism with the birth and death of Jesus? Christianity
Which religion worships in a mosque? Islam
Which religion worships in a synagogue and their holy book is the Torah? Judaism
WHat language is spoken in Iran? Farsi
What is a group of people called that share a common culture and background? Nation
What is a sovereign territory called? We usually think of it as a "country" here in the U.S. state
What is a group of people called that do not have their own terrotory? (like the Palestinians today) stateless nation
Where do most Palestinians live today? in surrounding countries; many in refugee camps **Jordan houses the largest number
What major problem occurs because the population is growing quickly? water shortages
What are the two main branches of Islam? SUnni and Shiite
Created by: davislauren
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