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theology chapter 2

Greek speaking servants who answered the needs of the Hellenistic converts deacons
3rd degree of Holy Orders; assistant to a bishop or priest Deacon
name of the first Deacon Stephen
Who was the first martyr? Stephen
a witness to the truth of faith in which the martyr endures even death to be faithful to Christ martyr
the first persecutions of the Christians centered on______ Hellenistic Jewish Christians
Jesus' followers were the first to be called christians in________ antioch
Many christians fled to jerusalam to avoid persecution by_______ Saul of Taurus (Paul)
burnt down Rome & blamed it on the christians Nero
began firstt empire wide persecutions causing Christians to flee Domitian
asked Trajan what should be done about christians Pliny
said christians were not to be sought out only punished if found Trajan
250-claimed every citizen must worship roman gods & would be given a certificate Decius
had good management skills; divides empire into West & East creating diocese Diocletian
Constantine was in charge of the ________ west
Licinus was in charge of the _________ east
Licinus goes back on the deal called the _______ Edict of milan
what yeart did the great persecutions take place? 303
Why was christianity an illegal religion? because it became separate from Judaism
Christians rejected___(2) 1. worship of emperor 2. gods of the romans
instituted tolerance for all religions edict if milan
Christianinity began in the Jewish culture but moved into the ________ culture greek
jews primary focus was_______ people's part in the covenant
the greeks main focus was on_____ & ________ philosophy & right thinking
one who holds a position on an article of faith that conflicts with officially defined teachings heretic
christian thinker who defends & explains teachings about basic christian beliefs apologist
a position on an article of faith that conflicts with officially defined teachings heresy
denial that god exists atheism
the fac t that the son of god assumed human nature & became man in order to accomplish our salvation incarnation
3 stages of the gospel 1. life & teaching of jesus 2. oral tradition 3. written records
correct teaching about basic christian beliefs orthodoxy
that actual message that jesus preached life & teaching of jesus
began by the apostles sharin what they had seen and head in fuller understanding provided by tghe holy spirit oral tradition
gospel writers combined oral traditions & thyyose in written form. they chose stores important to the audience written records
3 debates of the church 1. lapsed 2. validity of sacraments w/ lapsed 3. easted controversy
authentic list of books which make up the old & new testament chosen through apostolic tradition canon
ho0w many books in the old & new testaments? old=46 new=27
both _____ & ____ have common source in the revalation of god in christ living tradition & scripture
in the process for initiation a ____ went through a process of formation catechumen
mentors aka _____ teachers aka_______ sponsors____catechists
what is the word for a new christian? neophyte
the deposit of faith as found in the preaching of the apostles, handed on throuigh apostolic suddession in church tradition
refers to the way that christians celebrate the mystery of their life in christ sacrament
unbaptized person preparing for membership into the church catechumen
members of minority groups adopting the values & characteristics of the dominant culture in which they live assimilation
another name for an elder or priest presbyter
means overseer in the catholic faith bishop
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