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Ch 7-9, 17


Diuretics meds that produce polyuria, reduce edema, and treat HTN
bendroflumethiazide diuretic
Diuril diuretic
HCTZ diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide)
HydroDIURIL diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide)
Hyzarr diuretic (losartan + HCTZ)
methyclothiazide diuretic
Bumex diuretic
Edecrin diuretic
Lasix diuretic (furosemide)
Aldactazide diuretic
Dyazide diuretic
Maxzide diuretic
Moduretic diuretic
Bleeding problems can occur if thiazide diuretics are combined with: Gingko biloba
Diuretics that cause an excessive loss of the electrolyte K: potassium wasting diuretics
hypokalemia blood condition of deficient potassium
Kay Ciel potassium supplement
K-Dur potassium supplement
K-Lor potassium supplement
Klor-Con potassium supplement
Klorvess potassium supplement
Klotrix potassium supplement
K-Lyte potassium supplement
K-Tab potassium supplement
Micro-K potassium supplement
Macrodantin urinary tract antibiotic
Pyridium urinary tract antibiotic
Urogesic urinary tract antibiotic
Urispas Urinary antispasmodic
Cystospaz Urinary antispasmodic
Detrol Urinary antispasmodic
Toviaz Urinary antispasmodic
Vesicare Urinary antispasmodic
ED erectile dysfunction; inability to achieve or maintain an erection AKA impotence
Viagra treats ED
Levitra treats AD
Cialis treats AD
Medications used to treat ED can cause a synergistic hypotensive effect when taken with nitrates such as: NTG (nitroglycerin)
ED meds also treat: BPH
Avodart treats BPH
Flomax treats BPH
PUD peptic ulcer disease; an ucler of the stomach or duodenum
Causes of PUD: excessive HCl, ASA, NSAIDs, ETOH, caffiene, salt, spicy foods, bacterial infections
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
Causes of GERD: excessive HCl, HH, incompetent cardiac sphincter AKA lower esophageal sphincter
Layperson terms for GERD: indigestion, acid stomach, heart burn, agita
Tagamet treats PUD and GERD (cimetidine)
Axid treats PUD and GERD (nizatidine)
Pepcid treats PUD and GERD (famtidine)
Zantac treats PUD and GERD (ranitidine)
Prevacid treats PUD and GERD
Prilosec treats PUD and GERD
Nexium treats PUD and GERD
Nexium can increase the risk of: OP
AcipHex treats PUD and GERD
Medications designed to treat PUD and GERD reduce the amount of: HCl acid produced by the stomach
Antacids neutralize HCl in the stomach
Antacids commonly contain alkaline substances such as: Al, Mg, Ca, NaHCO3
Amphojel antacid
Mylanta antacid
Maalox antacid
Tums antacid
Bromo-Seltzer antacid
Di-Gel antacid
Gaviscon Tablets antacid
Gelusil antacid
Orginal Alka-Seltzer antacid
Riopan Plus antacid
Rolaids antacid
Baking soda antacid
simethicone med to treat gas
Gas-X med to treat gas (simethicone)
Maalox Max med to treat gas (simethicone)
Mylanta Gas med to treat gas (simethicone)
GI antispasmodics treats GI spasms
Bentyl GI antispasmodic (dicyclomine)
Robinul GI antispasmodic
Donnatal GI antispasmodic
Librax GI antispasmodic
diarrhea loose watery stools
antidiarrheals meds to treat diarrhea
Lomotil antidiarrheal
Imodium antidiarrheal
Kaopectate antidiarrheal
Pepto-Bismol antidiarrheal
laxatives meds to treat constipation
Correctol laxative
Dulcolax laxative
ex-lax laxative
Senokot laxative
Regular use of stimulant laxatives can reduce the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D and Ca causing: osteopenia
Citrucel laxative
FiberCon laxative
Fiberall laxative
Metamucil laxative
Colace laxative
Surfak laxative
MOM milk of magnesia - laxative
Medications used to completely evacuate the bowels before GI surgery or GI diagnostic procedures are called: bowel evacuants (bowel preps)
GoLYTELY bowel evacuant
MiraLax bowel evacuant
Fleet Prep Kit bowel evacuant
antiemetics meds to treat N+V
Marinol antiemetic
Zofran antiemetic
Compazine antiemetic (prochlorperazine)
Phenergan antiemetic (promethazine)
Tigan antiemetic
Dramamine antiemetic - treats vertigo/motion sickness (dimenhydrinate)
Benadryl antiemetic - treats vertigo/motion sickness (diphenydramine)
Benadryl is aslo classified as: antihistamine and OTC hypnotic
Antivert antiemetic - treats vertigo/motion sickness (meclizine)
Xenical treats obesity
Meridia treas obesity
Alli treats obesity
OP osteoporosis; abnormal loss of bone density
Fosamax treats OP
Evista treats OP
Miacalcin treats OP
Actonel treats OP
Boniva treats OP
Reclast treats OP
Atelvia treats OP
Most PO meds for treatment of OP can cause: esophageal irritation
Recommendations for OP meds: 1. Take PO medication with 6-8 oz of water. 2. Do not lie down for 60 minutes after administration. 3. Do not eat anything for 60 minutes after administration.
Soma Skeletal muscle relaxant
Parafon Forte Skeletal muscle relaxant
Valium Skeletal muscle relaxant (diazepam)
Valium is aslo classified as a: sedative ant treatment for status epilepticus
Skelaxin Skeletal muscle relaxant
Robaxin Skeletal muscle relaxant
Norflex Skeletal muscle relaxant
Mirapex treats RLS/PD
Gout arthritis that primarily effects the joints of the feet
Zyloprim antigout (allopurinol)
Uloric antigout
Uloric may require: periodic LFTs
Fibromyalgia idiopathic condition with widespread muscle and joint pain and fatigue
Lyrica treats fibromyalgia
acne vulgaris inflammatory papular and pustular eruption of the skin AKA pimples or zits
Acne vulgaris is associated with: excessive sebum and microbial proliferation on the skin
Benzac treats acne vulgaris (benzoyl peroxide)
Clearasil treats acne vulgaris
YAZ treats acne vulgaris
Epiduo treats acne vulgaris
PROPApH treats acne vulgaris
Sri-dex treats acne vulgaris
psoriasis A chronic skin condition characterized by scaly, raised, silvery-red patches
Psoriasis is commonly treated with: coal tar derivatives
Balnetar topical med to treat psoriasis
Zetar topical med to treat psoriasis
Neutrogena T/Gel topical med to treat psoriasis
Denorex topical med to treat psoriasis
Tegrin topical med to treat psoriasis
Head and Shoulders topical med to treat psoriasis
Enbreal systemic med to treat psoriasis and RA
Humira topical med to treat psoriasis
Stelara topical med to treat psoriasis
bacitracin topical antibiotic
neomycin topical antibiotic
Neosporin topical antibiotic
Cruex topical antifungal
Lotrimin topical antifungal (miconazole)
Micatin topical antifungal (miconazole)
Desenex topical antifungal
Lamisil topical antifungal
Aftate topical antifungal (tolnaftate)
Tinactin topical antifungal (tolnaftate)
Fungoid topical antifungal
astringents meds to dry skin
calamine lotion astringent
The combination of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and Calamine lotion is called: Caladryl
Solarcaine topical anesthetic (benzocaine)
Lanacane topical anesthetic (benzocaine)
A common medication used to treat “diaper rash” is: zinc oxide AKA A+D Ointment or Desitin
Desitin topical anesthetic
Scabies paraditical itch mites
Elimite med to treat scabies
lice pediculosis
Nix treats pediculosis
RID treats pediculosis
Lice MD treats pediculosis (pesticide free)
A topical antibiotic applied to second and third degree burns to prevent infection and speed healing is called: Silvadene
A common iodine based antiseptic solution: Betadine
Betadine iodine antiseptic (povidone iodine)
Propecia med to treat male patteren baldness
Hibiclens non iodine antiseptic
Hibistat non iodine antiseptic
Rogaine treats male and female pattern baldness
Propecia is prescribed for men only because of the danger of: birth defects
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