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Medical OfficeGREEN

Medical office procedures & abbreves

BC British Columbia
AB Alberta
SK Saskatchewan
MB Manitoba
ON Ontario
PQ/QB Quebec
NS Nova Scotia
YT Yukon Territory
NL Newfoundland
NT Northwest Territories
NB New Brunswick
PE Prince Edward Island
CPX Complete Physical Exam
AHE Annual Health Exam
A/S Allergy Shot
CON Consult
REF Referral
NS No show
F/S Flu Shot
PP Post Partum Check
Define plain language & explain what 3 types of people it may especially benefit Plain language is speaking & writing so that your patient understands you. Focuses on the patients needs, keeping them in mind when you give instructions. Age related, Education level,language &cultural differences
Why is good communication necessary in a medical setting Because patients need to understand & be aware of their healthcare. To give clear instructions to patients. To communicate with other medical personnel
How would you handle an angry patient Keep calm, Don't argue, Don't yell, Face them, eye-eye but not in a threatening way. Listen! then try to resolve the issue. Get help if necessary. Always be professional
Name 5 different technological methods of communication in a medical office -Blackberry-Email-Pagers-Intercom-Answering machines-Computer
List 3 ways correspondance can be delivered to a medical office? -courier -fax -regular mail -express post -registered mail -computer
How can you ensure the proper delivery of outgoing mail -address & verify correct. -Letter is signed. -Watch for time sensitive response. -Proper postage. -Ensure enclosed attached.
What is the function of a fax machine in an office? list 2 advantages/disadvantages Ad:To send & receive info in a timely manner.Fast & Easy to use. Dis: Confidentiality may be compromised, documents may get lost/misdirected
What is the proper protocol when using email? -Ensure properly addressed -No lingo -Always a subject line. -Check for attachments. -Always proof read. -Answer promptly. -Be aware of security. -short&to the point. -Keep thread intact by using 'reply' button. -DO NOT open attachments if sender unknown
How can you ensure the appointment book remains confidential -Keep out of reach & site of patients. -Lock it up when not in use/room. -Never leave open or unattended
Why might a sign or poster be a value in a medical office -Allows patients to be prepared. -To advise patients of office hours,policies, may be in another language for ESL. Remember: Large enough writing, clear message, simple&attractive, be awar of humor, non-offensive
How would you deal with incoming calls in a professional manner -Speak clearly -Polite -Patient -Listen to caller -Precise -Professional -Positive -Keep on track -Take notes
What information must appear on a written telephone message -Date&Time of call -Name of caller & phone# -Name of recipient -Note if return call required or action -brief,concise message -name of person taking the message
What does it mean to "pre-edit" an appointment book -To cross off times in the future when you know the physician will not be available. -Vacations,Seminars,Hospital rounds, Open/close time
What is 'wave-scheduling' Scheduling several clients for the same block of time, typically an hour. First come first serve basis during that hour for clients booked at the same time
What is 'affinity-scheduling' Scheduling similar appointments together. Ex. on a certain day every week prenatal exams are booked between 9-11. allergy shots after 4pm
Created by: Brittanyyy



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