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Health quiz 2 (8 pt)

CPR training

What are the emergency action steps? Check Call Care
Check what? the scene-is it safe?, what happened, how many peeps r involved?, is there immediate danger, is anyone else available 2 help?, what is wrong? ( check the scene and the person.)
Call who? Emergency medical services,( EMS ) by calling 911
Care for who? The victim
Call or Care first? Call first for a Cardiac emergency ( usually adults) Care first for a breathing emergency usually children)
Why should you move a victim? 1.When faced with immediate danger 2.to get to a victim who may have a more serious condition 3. When it is necessary to give proper care
How do you move a victim? walking assist, Pack-Strap carry, Two-Person seat carry, Clothes drag, Blanket drag, foot drag
What is Shock? Not enough blood flowing to vital body parts
What are symptoms of shock? pale, breathing is rapid and shallow, thirst, the pulse is weak and rapid
What can you do to treat shock? (call 911 first) Elevate feet, keep victim warm, Control external bleeding, do not give food or drink
what are the steps to check a conscious victim? Check the scene, introduce yourself, get consent, call 911 for any life threatening interview, check them head to toe
What are some questions you should ask a conscious victim? what is your name, what happpened , where do you feel pain or discomfort, do you have allergies, do you have any medical conditions, are you taking any medications? when did u last eat or drink something?
what do you do to check an unconscious person? steps 1-4 check scene,and victim, tap shoulder and shout r u OK if no response call 911(or tell some1 else 2)if face down roll towards u support face,head and back,open airway,check 4 signs of life(movement and breathing) for no more than 10 seconds
what do you do to car for an unconscious person? steps 5+6 after checking for signs of life, if not breathing give two rescue breaths, if breathing place in recovery position and monitor airway, breathing and circulation
what are the abc's? Airway, Breathing Circulation
Created by: bududa