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Baking NOCTI 1

baking NOCTI vocab book 1

The sugar in corn syrup dextrose also called glucose
flour that does not develop gluten without another flour added to recipe rye flour
machine that flattens dough into sheets dough sheeter
mixing dough to incorporate all ingredients development
ingredient in self-rising flour that makes it rise baking powder
added during baking to from crisp crust on bread steam
process of yeast eating sugar and releasing carbon dioxide fermantation
process name for working gluten strands by hand or with dough hook kneading
process name of mixing shortening with another ingredient creaming
the cause of dough regaining its shape after stretching elasticity
the act of piercing dough with small holes to release gases docking
leavening agent (makes it rise) for choux paste (eclair paste) steam
temperature danger zone for bacteria growth in food 40 degrees F-140 degrees F
common name for albumen egg whites
a pourable mixture batter
when a solid becomes a liquid this temperature is called its melting poing
two (2) things baking soda needs to react (leaven) a baked good moisture and an acid
a list of ingredients and procedure in baking is called a formula
food for yeast to eat during fermentation sugar **called diastase or diastatic melt**
to convert compressed yeast in a recipe to use dry yeast use 40% of the weight of the compressed yeast
slows down yeast and prevents the formation of weld yeasts during fermentation salt
word that describes the slowing down of a process in baking retarding
cakes are mostly leavened by these 2 items eggs and baking powder
the gas released by yeast during fermentation carbon dioxide or CO2
temperature for frying doughnuts 375 degrees F
the dough that has butter or margarine between the layers rolled-in dough
what happens to baked goods if the proof box is too hot the products "bleed" (butter seeps out)
compressed yeast should be: A)firm or B)soft to the touch A) Firm
active dry yeast myst be refrigerated after opening: true or false true
if dry eggs are reconstituted (water is added) are they perishable? (go bad) yes
food items should be stored how many inches off the floor 6"
food items should be stored how far away from a wall? 2"
should doughnut icing be cool or warm to use on the doughnuts? warm
if the icing is warm for doughnuts, should the doughnuts be cooled or warm? cooled
pan grease used in bakeries is a mixture of shortening and flour. True or False true
how do you "thin out" icing if it is too thick? add water
high ratio shortening is used for what kinds of items in the bakery? cakes and icings
what is the base of a recipe or formula Flour
Created by: UBtech