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Co-op Ancient Hist

Ancient Greece

When were the first recorded Olympic Games held? 776 BC
Greece was divided into these. City-states
Two very different city-states were Athens and Sparta
Who gave Athens very harsh laws? Draco
Who divided the Athenians into three different groups? Solon
What were the three different groups? The Hill, The Coast, The Plain
Name three things Solon changed for the better. He helped people get rid of their debt, allowed any citizen to be on a jury, divided Athenians into four classes according the wealth
Who made himself tyrant three times? Pisistratus
Which place in the world developed a democratic government? Athens
What does demos mean? What does cracy mean? People Rule, government
Why did the Persians attack Greece To punish them for helping the Ionians rebel.
When were the Persian Wars 480 BC - 479 BC
Name four important battles in the war Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea
Who wins in the battle of Marathon (be specific, don't just say Greeks) Athenians
Who fought at the battle of Thermophylae, who won, why? The Spartans sent other Greeks home; the Persians won because a traitor showed them a way around the mountains to attack the Greeks from the back.
What kind of battle was the Battle of Salamis, who fought, who won? It was a naval battle between the Persians and Athenians; the Athenians won
Who won the battle of Plataea The Greeks
Who was the messenger who ran to ask the Spartans for help and warn the Athenians of the coming attack by the Perisans? What race is named in his honor? Pheidippides, Marathon
Created by: mrsdunn