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Med term card 2


Arteries vessel in which blood flows away from the heart, carrying oxygenated blood
vein a vessel in which blood flows toward the heart, carrying blood with little oxygen
thrombocytes blood platelets
O blood Universal Blood Donor
myocardial infarction gross necrosis of the myocardium, caused by decreased blood supply to the area
meninges the three membranes covering the brain and spinal cord
olfactory nerve nerves for sense of smell
optic nerve vision nerve
auditory nerve sense of hearing
anencephaly congenital absence of brain
Romberg test test for sense of balance
paranoid person overly suspicious
hypochondriac imaginary illness
autism complete withdrawal; inability to communicate
pace maker that which sets the pace at which a phenomenon occurs
schizophrenia group of emotional disorders characterized by withdrawal from reality; delusions, hallucinations, ambivalence, inappropriate affect, and withdrawn, bizarre, and regressive behavior
delusion false personal belief
sphygmomanometer an instrument for measuring arterial blood pressure
White Blood Cells Leukocytes
Red Blood Cells Erthrocytes
Platelets disk shaped structure in the blood for coagulation
diastolic pressure bottom number for blood pressure
systolic pressure top number for blood pressure
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