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Sample 1-15

Ordinary mixed question 1-15

Transubstantiation when the bread and wine are turned into Body and Blood
"The real presence" The fullness of Christ, body, blood, soul, and divinity truly present in the Eucharist
When we speak of the Real Presence of the Eucharist, we say that the bread and wine is truly the body and blood of Christ, though the accidents remain. What do we mean by “accidents”? when we eat the bread and wine. our faith make us believe that it is truly body and blood.
Are the sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the Eucharist the same sacrifice? Yes, Christ is being made present in the Holy sacrifice of Mass
How is mass Meant to be celebrated, individually or communally Communally
Describe 3 habits that can be developed to help a person have a richer experience of the Mass through participation. Pray on the way to mass Pray for priest and congregation listen, respond acclaim, sing
Name the fruits of regular reception of the Eucharist -Forgives venial sins -Strengthens us to avoid grave sin -Diminishes sinful love of self -Strengthens against temptation -Decreases purgatorial debt -Reduces Concupiscence
Name five requirements for proper reception of the Eucharist -Be a baptized Catholic -Have attained the age of reason -Have received 1st Reconciliation -Fast from all food or drink for 1 hour prior to reception -Be in a state of grace
Why do we genuflect when we enter the Church Out of reverence for God
What is Penitential Rite The time in Mass when we confess our sins to God.
What is the Gloria Our response to having received his mercy
what is the homily the explanation of the reading and how live out the message in our life
The profession of faith and Nicene creed Our response to the scriptural faith
What is the offertory The time in the mass when the bread and the wine are brought up
Epiclesis When the priest prays over the bread in wine, and it turns into body and blood
Created by: mhackett
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